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  • hi! wow... u joined about a week before me, and i have almost double what u have posted :D that's why being such a big fan comes in handy at times :)
    That's quite interesting. Love for John Swartzelder's post-classics? What a sacrilege :P!

    I'm from Spain. The tendency here is to associate the Simpsons' decline to the death of Homer's voice after the 11th season, which was the most iconic from the show and his substitute is not nearly as good as him (though he has made great dubbing in other series). If you ask me about the forum Simpsonfans' view... seasons 11 and 12 are usually the worst choices, but there is an important group of people that think that seasons 17 and 18 were equal or worse than anything from Scully.
    Well, I have 90+ episodes graded as 10/10 ones :D. I am usually generous at my grades, which doesn't mean that I rate them randomly, but it can cause some doubts.

    And yeah, make that list, I'm sure it will be really interesting (mine is frozen in time).
    Thanks, Léo. I also like your system; while it's strange for me to see /20 ratings, they are very descriptive of your feelings, and maybe more precise. While I establish clear differences between a 9 or a 10/10, there is anyway a secondary classification between 10/10 episodes that I don't reflect on my grades. And, for example, I don't like Bart On The Road as much as 22 Short Films About Springfield, despite their differences in quality are not high enough to grade them in a different way.
    Thank you for accepting my friend request. You'll enjoy NoHomers. If I can be of any assistance to you let me know.
    hmmm, yeah, i can see what your saying. i always thought of season 13 as just average with some really good episodes abound. 14-16 are better, but i still think season 17-18 are the worst seasons of the show. the plots are not very good most of the time and characterizations seem to be off with few true emotional scenes. bland mostly. though i do enjoy "Springfield Up" from season 18, which i think is a top 100 episode. season 19 and season 20 seem to stray away from these with a different style, and are improvements.
    yeah, thank you for sending the friend request.

    you have a good list of favorites there except a few like the manison family and crook and ladder, but still lots of great episodes listed. i think season 20 is better than 17, 18, and 19, so i really hope you enjoy it as well.
    Personally, I actively dislike Season 1, think 2's pretty good, 3-9 is classic I'm not a huge fan of 10 (I actually consider 12 to be better)

    I think it it was about even 13-16, dipped slightly 17-18, and has come back up with the movie, 19, and especially 20

    Not exactly orthodox opinions, but it's what I have ;)
    Makes sense to me! As you'll soon notice (if you haven't already) I am a disturbingly high-grade user, which means most episodes for me would be in the 15-20 range on your scale (mostly 17-19)
    This system works a bit like Morris Szyslak. + there are points, + I appreciate the episode.
    20 = Almost perfect.
    19 = Awesome.
    18 = Great.
    17 = Very very good.
    16 = Very good.
    15 = Good.
    14 = Nice.
    13 = Pretty nice.
    12 = Correct.
    11 = Pretty correct.
    10 = Average.
    9 = Very average.
    8 = Pretty bad.
    7 = Bad.
    6, 5 = Quite bad.
    4 = Awful.
    3 = Very awful.
    2 = Very very awful.
    1 = Very very very awful.
    I never set to zero, because there is always one or two things to save in a episode of The Simpsons.
    Thanks, I usually try in the class, but since the final couldn't take my grade up or down I thought "why bother?"

    And your English is really good!

    Would you mind explaining how your 20-point grading system works?
    Wow awesome, bon anniversaire to you too! (Sorry I probably butchered the spelling, I just failed a French final today)
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