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  • Hey, I've temporarily deleted you from my Tapped Out friends list because you haven't been on in 4 weeks now. I don't blame you, though, because EA hasn't been giving us anything to do anyway.

    When you get back to playing, let me know and I'll add you back.
    KNIGHTBOAT! You are up for episode nomination in the NHC Weekly Episode Club!!!! Please do so by Friday night at the latest, thanks!!!
    I thought it was kinda humorous, but it went against the rules, so they banned him. Apparently it wasn't his first infraction
    Thanks for the welcome Knightboat.

    Camp Hill's a bit of a distance from me, but that's quite cool nonetheless. I'm on the southside - do you know Manly?
    Loving the new avatar. I watched that episode of "Harvey Birdman" today (Got the entire series in the mail this morning and I'm now mid-way through Season 2)
    haha I've only been hungover like twice. both times were awful so i don't plan on drinking again for a while
    nice. I still need to see several. I think I've seen like 5 or 6 total episodes.

    It's 11:53 right now in the PM. what about where you live?
    I don't know which networks are 'better' with TV shows so I just wanted to point out that Breaking Bad is my favoritist show ever. It sucks to only have 3 episodes and then have to wait, but I'll manage... somehow. At least then it stays on another year. Haha I've thought about watching Sopranos, after I'm done with Lost of course. Heard nothing but good things about that.

    No problem. When I first joined I checked there pretty frequently haha
    Yea, I keep finding spoilers on Lost too, which is going to stop haha. Breaking Bad is so worth it. There's 3 episodes left of this half of the season, and then we have to wait till next summer for the last 8, so you still got time if you wanna watch other stuff. Breaking Bad is immensely better than Lost IMHO
    you should watch Lost.

    and do you watch Breaking Bad? can't remember... if not, get on that too!!
    Thanks Knightboat! That tagline came to me out of nowhere when I joined and I haven't changed it since.
    I'm on a mission to friend all my 'quote of the day' buddies. I like your posts and agree that Simpson figurines are pointless.
    P.S. I love your profile picture!
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