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  • Yes people are awful I have proof to prove that as fact.
    I will never go to prison as I’m a wise man so if anybody goes to jail over the obtainment of said blimp it will be the cousin who procured the blimp by questionable mean I’ll make sure of it even if I get away with it.The only person I’m loyal to is myself and my cousin thrice removed but this guy isn’t my cousin so he’s expendable.
    That’s awesome it sounds like a wonderful time Similar story for me without the making out part instead I was out doing Lou things it was snowy and -14 with wind chill then I woke up at 2am on the anniversary of my day of birth and I felt miserable and it got worse over the next few days I had to cancel my plans with my colleagues that night and by the time I started feeling better about 3 weeks later I was informed by those very same colleagues that it was too late to celebrate my birthday.

    I will do the blimp thing because I know a guy who knows a guy who’s cousin could probably obtain me a blimp through questionable means but I’m okay with those means because you only celebrate your day of birth once a year an dammit I want a blimp.
    Did you do anything exciting?
    I had the flu on my day of birth this year so I wasn’t able to celebrate according so next year I’m gonna rent a blimp,get hammered and see where life take me.
    I'm pretty anal about things in my work, but more the choice of language and believability. Perhaps we'd be a good pair to critique each other's work.
    My sleeping schedule is hectic at best. Some nights I sleep fine, others, I'm up every couple hours.

    I do feel accomplished and stuff when I get writing done, but my mind is shrouded with doubt; "Does that make sense? Would this character say that? Is this scene needed?" I try to make sure every little scene and line is relevant to the story, and include foreshadowing and callbacks and whatnot to keep the audience in tune with what's going on, see how well they pay attention... I love stuff like that. If it doesn't add something to the story, then I try not to include it, or I try to find a way to make it.

    Ah yes, that's fine; if you do want to talk, I'm always here
    I just wanted to make sure before I started talking to you about some of my projects and ideas; sometimes I tend to ramble and I'd hate to bore you or anything.

    My problem is I keep coming up with ideas and I don't write as much as I should. I have literally about half a dozen or so actual decent ideas that I want to see get out there, but I just don't have motivation or energy to do all of them. Plus, given my living situation right now, I need to do other things to, such as trying to get a job. I'm thinking about like, alternating between ideas each week, like Monday work on one idea, Tuesday another... but I don't know if I Can be committed to that. If I miss just one day, then I'll just continue missing days. It's how I am and I don't know how to break out of that cycle.

    Sorry to hear about your creative slump; anything you need help with or would like to talk about?
    Hey, the other day when we were talking and you said you'd like to hear about some of my ideas? If you're honestly interested, there's a new idea I came up with, shortly after talking about the project I was currently working on. I'm hesitant about whether or not the idea makes sense, and I'm stressing myself over it because I strive for quality, to try to write up the best material I Can, every time I write, and I know I shouldn't expect that much from me, especially considering I've only 'seriously' been writing for a few years, if you can even call that 'serious' writing.

    anyway, just wanted to see if you'd be willing to listen to my idea and see what you think.
    theres a few of you that make some really cool posts that say and mean a lot
    you, paddlin, silent disco
    I feel it's like helped my interactions with adults in real life, knowing what is and isn't acceptable to say. I know I haven't quite grasped the concept here yet but I'm getting there
    and coming from you that's a big compliment. you make some pretty insightful posts
    hey why'd you thumb that post about me changing who I am in real life because of the board?
    just curious :)
    well actually I really can't complain, work good, no money or health problems. Social life resting in the toilet but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
    As I said, hang in there. I'm sure keeping everyone on here updated will make you feel marginally better :)
    fucking hell kes I hope everything is ok. I know what it is like when a doctor says everything is ok but you feel like it isn't. ok it wasn't as bad as your situation.

    i don't know what to say, hope everything works out somehow :/
    No clue how I missed you. Was chatting with Liz for the past couple of hours on Skype while doing the groceries online. I'll sign back on now to see if you're about.
    I don't know if you have a birthday thread yet, and I don't want to create a thread (I've never been keen on that, I'll leave it up to OSS), but happy birthday!
    Agreed about melted cheese haha. Chinese is great too, we have a local takeout place I go to a lot. Got tonight's dinner from there actually! I probably give the impression I have a pretty lousy diet lol. That Kung Pao Chicken though :heart:

    I haven't had a kabab before, I don't think. I assume they're just like meat on a stick, right? That sounds good. Not related, but I've had Indian cuisine a lot and love it. Curry especially, and naan (soft warm bread, usually with herbs and stuff). And it's SPICY which I love. If it don't make me shoot fire from my mouth, it ain't hot enough. Mwahaha.
    Yeah, Mexican food is great. There's a local restaurant I go to regularly. Give me fajitas or chimichangas any day of the week and I'm good.

    You should make quesadillas sometime, they're super quick and easy! I just take one tortilla, put cheese and whatever else I want in, heat it up on a griddle/skillet/whatever, let it all melt, and fold it up and bam, quesadilla. I haven't had any yet today, I better get on that. Ahhh fooood :heart:
    LOL, nice. Good to hear from you again! I'm doing well, chillaxing at home this weekend. Gonna go shopping at my favorite media store for some music & movies & vidya games in a little bit. I also made some kickass homemade quesadillas last night and I want more now. :yummy:

    BTW, remember that thread I made last year where I talked about my mega-religious friend? (That's how I realized you're who you are, btw, since I remembered that you'd posted in it) Anyway, I just bumped it with some updates about him. Pretty funny shit. tl;dr warning, haha.
    So, I only just today realized that you're Food Blog (or perhaps, the Artist Formerly Known As). Not sure how I missed that bit of knowledge for the last several months. Whoops! :facepalm: I was starting to wonder where you'd disappeared to, and you were right here this whole time! Anyways, 'sup.
    That's really interesting. I completely understand, because my uncle is the same way. I guess the very few that actually do engage in bestiality are the only type the media focuses on, thus giving the other 99% of furries a bad reputation. It's not fair at all.
    The general attitude toward furries on here really sickens me. I think we're some of the only people here who actually know any of them personally and don't just make broad stereotypes.
    Thanks for the friend request! I really need to make more of an effort to send them out, I always forget about things like friend requests, visitor messages, user notes, and such :heart:
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