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  • happy holiday season, jscottstroup. come back for a visit sometime.

    -joe miller
    I happen to like the Flying Circus versions of the classic sketches better, but it might just be that I saw them first (and saw them quite a few times that way), and they feel more familiar.
    Interesting that ANFSCD is your favourite Python film, usually the only people I hear that from are the ones who saw that film before any other Python material. But that doesn't mean it's not good, it's basically their best sketches all spiffied up for a movie format. Incidentally my favourite is Life of Brian, and favourite or not I agree that it's undoubtably the best.
    "This is Gervaise Brook-Hamster, his father uses him as a wastepaper basket"
    I didn't catch the last two episodes when they first ran because I was visiting my cousin, but I just watched them online last night and I gotta agree that "I Got A Right To Sing The Blues" is the best of the season.

    Have you seen the Recast movies/shows and use NHC-members! thread? I just started posting there recently and it's pretty fun.
    "Imprinting" is how werewolves find their ideal mate to reproduce with. Long story short, Jacob imprints on Bella's newborn daughter and intends to help them raise her to be his future wife. Ick.

    Trust me, you're not coming off as preachy at all, because I know a good deal about Mormonism (I have a ton of family members in the LDS church) and I dislike it for the same reasons.
    Twilight doesn't just bug me as vampire fan, I also hate how a series that portrays abusive relationships and stalking as the height of romance is marketed to young girls who see Edward as an ideal boyfriend. Throw in stupid stuff like sparkling vampires and seriously creepy shit like "imprinting", and you've got a recipe for Epic Fail.

    And right on about genre fiction! It's a shame how so much good stuff is seen as lesser just because it's science fiction, horror, etc.

    (I liked Six Feet Under, too.)
    Oh yeah. Just for the record, aoife is an ok mod, but in the heat of the moment I guess there were a lot of misunderstandings.
    I'm reading throughout it all right now.

    Also, I'm glad you defended Joe Miller.
    Hey, how are you?
    Glad to see someone who can watch the newer episodes with a positive attitude.
    It was totally my fault, I apologize again. I completely misunderstood. Yeah, I'd say everyone on the mod team used to write essay length discussions about the Simpsons here or elsewhere, and some still do. Dewey, and Channel Surfer are both mods.
    I apologize, I thought you were both talking about mods, vs. people who have harassed you and Joe.
    ...I should be sending you a private message instead of using your visitor wall to tell you this, but if people are harassing you or someone else, private message a moderator.
    You are judging the entire moderating team based on the actions of one person. The owner of NHC (who you were also insulting for no good reason) dealt with that person, and another mod restored Joe's postcont.

    Everyone who is a moderator once did or still does participate on the Simpsons section of the board. This GD/OT rift does not exist amongst the mods, and we do not like that any rift on the board exists. We don't like it when people blame the other side for something, with no real reason.
    As far as I know, no one holds any fascist beliefs, or is an asshole...we're certainly not anonymous.

    Surely, you might understand why I might be a bit peeved at someone making things up about the mod team, especially on the profile page of the person who was in need of assistance.
    Looks like some anonymous fascist asshole gave Joe back his postcount...it must have something to do with the gang war with OT posters.
    they don't even know me. They're O/T people, when I board almost always in the Simpsons section. Therefore ALL Their posts about me caring only about post counts are accusations, and there false ones at that
    i just wish they knew what they were talking about. I do NOT only care about post counts
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