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  • i watched it the other day, i just knew it had to be my avatar. been giving the show a third rewatch (alongside angel - which i will finish past fred's death this time, i promise). they both seem to be even better now that i'm older. even riley didn't drive me nuts this time... i don't know what's happening to me.

    "a Lapful of Severed Tongues"
    "I'm a roving, freelance, forensic profiler."

    possibly the greatest TV episode ever. I was enlightened while I was entertained.
    oh wow, that's.... what the show... is.

    I do love that aspect, but mostly in conjunction with apocalyptic insanity as the trigger.
    yeah it's season 1. I'm on episode 15 or so. I didn't know they took over the show, but that's great. I was about to say the episodes in their style have usually been my favorites so far.

    oh and those episodes were a) the one where it was prophecized earthquakes and floods would happen on 5/5/2000 so the old dying guy in the glass case had 20 children to sacrifice to meet him in heaven, and b) a man marked Frank for death 20 years ago but Frank caught and spared him, and now his buddy also believes 'I promised I would sacrifice, and so you understand' and leaves that Jack of Hearts.
    dude, I've been watching Millennium, and I'm floored. from the start it's been promising, but at times it felt like the 'humanity' was being laid too thick to the point of schmaltz, even if the content of the message was surprisingly profound for television. but these last two episodes I watched, the Ark of Blondes one and the Hand Cutter, were both amazing. I'm hoping it'll go on from here, and the SMEAT-type humor will work itself in more.
    oh yeah her voice is perfect for that! also the top related video is like "best dogs of all time" or something and that made me laugh
    man you're nuts. i prefer the wire but i definitely understand why someone would like the sopranos more.
    Hey, I kinda feel like this has been mentioned before somewhere on the board, but maybe not. Anyway, my wife was watching Unwrapped on Food Network a couple nights ago and they did a segment on Black and White cookies. I glanced at the TV and one of the customers doing a talking head about how much he liked B&W cookies was either you or your twin. Can you confirm this?
    just to add more, the drug trade is a major theme during the wire throughout the entire series. seasons 2 and 5 are the only ones where that arc is kind of in the backseat...the show is about the entire city of's not like law and order where the focus changes just because the police's targets do
    the barksdale arc comes back into fruition by season 3, that's why..there are some pretty interesting details that set up things nicely for the third season. regarding the whole 1,000 storylines at once thing..every season a new entity of the city is added, along with the drug crews/police stuff..prepare to be overwhelmed more i guess
    you might as well just finish season one tonight, and rewatch with your friend later

    the dialogue makes more sense on rewatches
    it is a tough sell for a lot of's so technical and macro at first, but once you get a grasp on everything, it's so rewarding.

    i read someone point out how the wire and the sopranos complement each other, and it's so true. wire being a macrostory about institutional corruption and the sopranos being a microstory about individual corruption and passion. the sopranos uses weird dream sequences and chase throws many curveballs in the story, while the wire completely rejects any manipulation of the plot or superficial music while the whole story is mapped out in advance.
    it's a show that teaches you how to watch it. the first season is a litmus test. if you don't stick with it i'll be pretty mad
    you have to get to season two to see how well they pull off departures every season. then you will truly know it's the greatest show ever and will be addicted

    what i'm really saying is, forget your friend.
    I think I may catch up. Because, hey, if you told me while I was watching Season 1 that there'd be a dragon flying out of a dimensional portal a couple seasons later, the first thing that I'd think would be "too far," not to mention what I'd think about there being an army of slayers in the final season. So, really, all this crazy stuff (well, maybe apart from stuff like flying) is actually pretty organic to the universe Whedon created (and a fantastic part of it; The Gift is one of the best things they did. The final season, less so, but still).

    And that set-up for Season 9 sounds rad.
    I was just reading rumors on the Buffy comic, came to your profile and saw Cinco's comments and man. Holy shit. Just saw the panel. Mirroring Calender's death is such a brutal Whedon touch. I can only image seeing it in the context of the show. I'm not sure I'd care for any of the other story lines if I went back and read the comic, but having THAT near the end? Seems naturalistic for a Buffy season, in a way.
    The comics turned way too much into general superhero-fare after 'retreat', with the powers and the large-scale battles. It works for stuff like Blackest Night, but Buffy should be more about the inner struggles and yes, they were there, but not enough. And what happened with Giles was just... well I couldn't believe what I saw/read.
    Ok, there are certainly some possibilities for S9 right now with the new statusquo regarding magic. (certainly for Willow)
    And I guess this means just Buffy (and possibly Faith) as slayers again. The sharing of power looks over to me.
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