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  • TMBG, gee, not big on "favorites" as far as music is concerned. I really like "Don't Let's Start" and pretty much all of Flood, and I love the work they did on Home Movies and some of their Homestar stuff was cute.

    Feel kind of weird to like them now that they've essentially become a childrens' band, but whatever, they're still an awesome experimental band who still deserves a guest spot on Saturday Night Live.
    Sucks about the computer problems but I look forward to the next one whenever that may be.

    No problem. It was the best fan fic I've read.
    Hey Jims, you didn't get enough votes to become showrunner, but if you still want to be a writer on the NHC Simpsons Season, then come and post in the thread.
    he's a really nice guy and alot of fun to talk to. he never orders the lasagna though, lol
    i see you're a garfield fan. i've waited on jim davis a couple times at the restaurant i work at
    I wish you posted around here more jims, cos you're a cool guy and a good boarder, happy 2010!
    could you say 4 Alarm Chilli says hello in your next podcast please? Anyway it was very good
    the first full draft of act 1 of the 'siblings of questionable morals' is up, check the link posted on the group and any ideas for improvement that would lead it to be final drafts are welcome.
    Seems like a really cool, laid back guy. And I dig the Garfield avatar and sig....

    Also, I seem to have a very similar opinion to him in regards to new episodes. He's one of the guys, along with Universal Polymath and a few others, whose reviews I always look at first.
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