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  • Well, the last time he got banned he was gone for the guts of a week if memory serves. Once it expired he didn't come back for a decent chunk of time. With any luck he'll stay away but whenever the time comes that he does return, I can guarantee it won't be pretty regardless of others having moved on since.
    So, how long did ILB get banned for this time?

    Also, sorry if I was contributing to the collective pain in the ass the mod team have to deal with in that thread.
    it's been more than 6 months since my last regular username change, so could you change my name to "bunnicula" please? i know it's past halloween but i really really want this
    Oh cool!

    BTW I have a 60 Second Simpsons request: "Fear of Flying". I know you covered this a bit in your Father Bouvier mystery ep, but I was watching it the other day and what stuck out to me was the fact that the episode is so enormously silly when juxtaposed over the rather bleak concept of Marge's depressing, self-esteem shattering psyche and childhood being examined. It's a hysterical episode, but even the episode's biggest revelation is a joke. There's no real attempt to take any of this seriously aside from a huge shot of cruel comedic irony towards male flight attendants. Not a slam against the episode IMO, I just thought it was interesting and it might make for a good ep.
    They asked if you'd be willing to come on again, are you ever planning on it?
    Actually enjoying listening to past episodes of this Two Bad Neighbors podcast. I listen to so many theme park/Disney podcasts that this is a welcome change of pace.

    Also lol at the comment about NHC when you mentioned it, "Message boards still exist?" Makes everything that happens here seem silly in hindsight
    I think developing a trade is what I should aim for next. Would definitely help.

    We'll see what the Dobbie does.

    In other news, do you have Skype? Because if you do, does your conversations just suddenly disappear after some time? Even I click on "view old conversations" nothing shows up.
    I liked the organised, office job setting. I like doing math in a basic form. It felt like something that was worth a shot.

    kind of a $250 out of the window but eh you have to try
    I'm waiting for 60 Second Simps to become mainstream to be your agent

    lettin me down Jims.

    but eh I am sure I'll find something. Not fond of the idea of going back to school for it thouuuuugh.
    I still work at the store. I am trying to leave it, though.
    I was in school. In accounting but it did not interest me so left. Who truly knows what I'll ever do.

    Could be worse, you could have turned into a zombies. Rappin' about Applebee's during the 52nd hour of work!
    Just busy with work and stuff. I've been on here more recently but not everything interests me enough to post either!

    Oh well just browsing is enough sometimes too
    do you know how maurice rodriguez got the rubiks cube stars and if so how do i get them
    It's getting around the time for the 2016 NHC summer music showdown...

    Can I have the go ahead to make the nomination thread? Like the actual voting stage of the 2014 showdown started in early June 2014 so it's about the right time
    Can you help with I fundraiser I’m doing? You see, the user Venomrabbit suffers from severe depression (to point of being this close to just going and offing herself altogether) and one of the problems is that she lives with abusive parents. I want to raise money to help her move out. I need some help with logistics and whatnot.
    Haha yeah. Lots of singing, dancing and yuk yuks with movie references
    Nice! Last year I watched it on Amazon and all of the sudden it disappeared. They separated by how the boxsets did so it wasn't as wonky.

    It's bizarre in that it's woefully dated but the humor is pitch perfect. It really is a terrific homage to old Looney Tunes that had all these old-timey Hollywood refs but it doesn't matter that much in getting the overall joke. A problem is that the show is caked to a fault towards the latter half of its run where the pop culture gags really start taking over. At that point your mileage will vary on how well you remember the late 90s/if you really love musical numbers.

    The other shorts are fun if reliant on running gags a little much. Again it's the delivery/how much you like these characters. (Goodfeathers will try your patience) I really enjoy it but I think it's more about the fact that they don't make shows like this anymore; not like they don't make good kids shows, but that they just don't make shows like it anymore. Hard to explain.
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