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  • Episode 3 was nuts at the end. Voting off Paul seemed like a rash decision to make this early on. And starting with episode 4, the ladies on Gen X will probably start turning against each other. What a mess and somehow Dave and crew might be on top of the tribe.
    Kind of surprised they kept Dave. He reminds me so much of Chet from Micronesia who was a complete disaster.

    I watched episode 2. Really thought Paul was going to be evacuated but good for him it wasn't serious and he even swam for the idol. I quite like how the two tribes seem even in strength so far. Makes the challenges less of a formality and intense, y'know.

    Why did Jay say "romance never gets you far in Survivor?". Like, I know we want to forget All-Stars, but to the point of forgetting it exists? Eeeeeeh

    The emphasis on the generations is a bit grating still, hopefully when the tribes swap (seems to be the case based on the preview anyway) they'll stop eventually but I am prepared for episode 3 to really nail it into my head.
    Just caved in and started to watch Gen X v Millennials.

    First impression: millennial with the casual Hawaiian shirt sucks. Like, he's the typical "born in the wrong generation" guy. I'll take solace on the fact he is obviously an early boot, the edit makes it obvious.

    edit: ok I hate all mention of the generation stereotypes. We get iiiiiiiiiiiiit. Hopefully that dies off as the game progresses.

    the editing for the cyclone was pretty oustanding

    I am growing on this wrong gen guy with the fire and how he acts in challenges

    what a comeback after risky moves by the Millennials
    I knew I was gonna forget someone but I still feel terrible about it afterward, haha. So sorry about that. Merry christmas!
    I caved in, bought it and have already literally lost sleep. Game is addictive as hell
    Yeah that's kind of insane. I keep going back and forth on buying it. I'm probably going to cave anyways because I love RCT classic so damn much.
    Ozzy is just so boring. He'll dominate challenges, make the merge, get booted the moment he is not immune. He's a coattail ride for the majority alliance and always the first one to cut loose from it. Predictable humbug. Also he's plain dislikeable aside from his debut season in the Cook Islands.

    Cirie and Sandra should be fun together. If they are on the same tribe (honestly shouldn't be for balance but I digress), I can see them becoming the masters of the game.

    Saw the rest of the list and it seems ok. I like seeing Freberg again and Tony should be interesting just to see how he adapts as his original gameplay would be hard to replicate with everyone knowing what he does. Could see Sarah booting him off early due to bitterness, sadly.

    edit: oh wait nevermind, there's Culpepper and Troyzan. Both suck.
    Just saw the cast for the next season, another returning players season I se-

    Ozzy...fucking Ozzy. C'moooon

    Hope Sandra wins as that would be incredible
    Thailand stinks, it stinks, it stinks

    I'm not too sure if I like it better than Africa or not. Africa did have more, erm, 'memorable' players despite me not caring about any of them, but like Thailand it was mostly dull.
    Interview going smoothly?

    I am considering doing a Survivor rating blog series, where I rate every season upon a re-watching it. Buuuuut...Thailand bums me out.
    ah, i see. was just wondering if you could change the LGBT group to LGBTQ+ group, since the group owner is defunct. but i gotcha, thanks.
    People struggling to get interviews done. Humbug!

    Mind being an insurance? Who are you going to go with
    I'll be Jims for Christmas

    okay, just checking. hopefully they can be added later, we need ristar after the past few VGM showdowns lol. thanks for attempting, duder
    could it be because i linked those from goodboard?? i could upload them to photobucket if it'll help
    The change in tone was just utterly bizarre.

    SPM was a change but it was still fun. Kind of bitter they went with a side scroller since it had so much elements and potential to be another fine PM RPG installment. Definitely had the story and characters for it, plus finding hidden enemies or items with the 3D/2D feature could have worked fantastically well.

    Sticker Star and Colour Splash went back to RPG but they don't want you to do any RPG. Very weird decision that makes no sense. RPHs have no use without anything besides collecting to do.
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