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    Someone mentioned it on the Discord server when I jokingly mentioned that you were selling out by having YouTubers instead of NHCers as your main audience (which I completely understand; I’m not actually mad at you about that. YouTube is obviously a much bigger community.) They thought I meant you on ResetEra posting reviews there. I was just kind of surprised that you posted a review there but not here. That’s all.

    I’ve been catching up with your Simpsons videos, by the way. Great stuff as always.
    I learned that you sometimes post new Simpsons reviews on ResetEra but not here. Do you think that maybe you could post reviews here too? Just copying and pasting them would be fine with me; I just want more activity here, and as I am not a user of that site, I’d be interested in reading your reviews if you ever watch more new episodes.
    Ah, got it. From what I've seen of him, I've had no issues. That might just be me, but he looks like a pretty decent guy to chill with.
    No, haha. Got a good, real chuckle out of that.
    (I feel that most people say "lol" to signify mild amusement. Getting me to laugh out loud is actually pretty hard, at least on the Internet.)
    So do you think the ambiguity is meant to be, or is it pretty clear that they did it to you? And you're welcome, I thought you would enjoy it. I was surprised with how real they got the high school dynamic.
    Hey, it's my favorite mod. I've asked Kupomog about this, but she never got around to answering. Have you been able to access the site on mobile lately? Particularly, an iPad? Whenever I attempt to log in, it insists that I've got my user credentials wrong. Is this a unique problem, or has it been affecting the board as a whole?
    A lot of great, astute thinking that much of it (won't tell you what!) comes into play later on. It's kind of insane how tangled the mystery gets. Can't wait til you get to the ep where Peter and Sam investigate the Morning Show 9, that one is something to pay close attention to. Very close attention.
    anyways I just got done with a netflix binge you may like: it's a mockumentary called "american vandal", a parody of making a murderer & serial. it's got a definite juvenile hook where the culprit is accused of vandalizing 27 teachers cars with dick graffiti but it's about one of the students wanting to solve the case to see if he can uncover the truth as the culprit despite looking rather guilty, claims innocence. and I gotta say, got serious simps mysteries vibes from it. mystery is geninunely compelling & there's a great episode that I was dying over where they have to make a case for people who may have possibly did it and it's literally your who shot mr burns thing. I'm sure you got it from other things that the show is parodying but if you enjoyed that, you'll love this. a funny, subversive but surprisingly real watch. I was surprised on how thought-out the world they build and the mystery is as they go thru dead-ends, each w/ built in revelations that come to light later on
    1st off, great vid, I didn't comment in the thread but will soon, but I just had to say that! really enjoyed
    It's in Riverton next to Diamondback, yeah. Goes thru the forest and over the rapids ride.

    Arrow loopers tend robbed rougher simply because they're the true old school company, plus they're also defunct. Trains and parts become mandatory custom made and obviously expensive, leading to deterioration. I'd say there's a good chance it leaves in the near future. A B&M is too bulky to fit into there, but a nice compact Eurofighter or Infinity Coaster from Gerstlauer would be awesome. Look up "The Monster in Adventureland" to check out how cool it looks at night.
    Ah cool, that's a-ok with me!

    I don't really have bony shoulders, but I am medium height. I've heard Vortex is one of the more painful Arrow loopers, especially due to the OSTRs and rapid-aging. The ones I've done in the past have swiped me here and there but none that truly horrendous. I'm more nervous about head-banging. To hear that the restraints are especially crushing is not great, as a good tactic is to ride your posture high and lean into the inversions. Probably going to knock this one out as late as possible.

    I'm excited for Mystic Timbers, though. Heard it's a really fantastic GCI woodie, lots of smooth banking and airtime. Early May Friday shouldn't be too bad, right?
    Yeah it's locked in. Kings Island on Friday, CP on Sunday/Monday. It's NBD if you did a half-day either,, as long as you make it haha. If you can't make it, that's ok, I totally understand.

    BTW I'm really nervous to ride Vortex. I keep hearing the worst things but I gotta get that credit!
    Oh hey, so I'm going to Kings Island on May 12th if you're not busy and want to swing on over.

    I had a pretty awful day so this makes me all happy inside. thank you!
    Richard Hatch AMA on r/Survivor tonight 7pm EST, damn!

    I read through Lex's earlier and he gave away good details about All-Stars and Africa.
    Great, I was gonna suggest Home Sweet Dum-Doodily (if you haven't done that one already), because it popped into my head that it's another great episode to close the series out on
    iirc Tony and Sandra are the ones with the biggest target on their back...not too surprising but still.

    I am bracing myself for a final 7 of Culpepper/Andrea/Caleb/Troyzan/Ciera/Sierra/Hali to avoid disappointment this time
    Basically the castaways casting their vote, done pre-game, on who they want out first.

    You can imagine the two most common names that pop out.
    Jimzy, you're online, so could you please slice the "sir" off my name so it's just "Hops". I know I'm supposed to wait, but it's irritating and I won't ask for another one for a long while
    I like this cast, lot of different characters. Reminds me of a more balanced Cagayan.

    But wow that tribal council with Jess going home fucking hell.
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