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  • Lol, that furri picture is hilarious. If that comic strip website ever comes into fruition, you've got a fan right here.

    Yes, I love cartoons as well and I was practically raised on The Simpsons. There are other shows out there I like as well, but I personally think the first 8 or 9 seasons of The Simpsons are the best thing to be on TV.

    I like to draw as well. Most of my art training was in graphic design (you know, Photoshop, Illustrator, and all that) but I find myself drawing cartoons more often than the stuff I was trained in. :)
    Yeah, a lot of members on here are big on discussion and they always seem ready for it. I personally love it here - most internet forums just seem to be a breeding ground for trolling and arguments, but we've got some really smart people here who stay clear of that sort of stuff.

    So, is that profile picture yourself as a Simpsons character? It looks really nice.
    There's a whole lot of em!
    Little girl in the big 10, Half decent proposal, The old man and the key, Weekend at Burnsies, THOH XIII, CE D'oh, 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky, Moe baby blues, The president wore pearls, I d'oh-bot, Milhouse doesn't live here anymore, The wandering juvie, Sleeping with the enemy, Simple Simpson, Goo goo gai pan. Pretty much all of them are good, so it's hard to go wrong!
    You think season 20 is the best since season 9? I don't know if I agree; I really like seasons 13 and 15.
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