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  • If only we still had the Lounge, lots of @Ryan mentions could go there. Oh well, let's just spam the FFA with @Ryans then.
    Sounds good. Let me know if you need anything else with the poster, once it's finished it could very well become my desktop background or something.
    Hey, thanks for removing your signature. It was getting pretty big. The stuff in the signature was good, but a pain to scroll through every time.

    By the way whatever happened to your classic Simpsons poster?
    Have I been before? LOL I've actually been going around twice a year since I was 6. So yeah, I've definitely been there before.
    Not sure exactly. I think all but Animal Kingdom.
    My time is the same as the time that the NHC shows, it's 3:31 PM over here. So it's 9 hours ahead of our time where you are, I'm guessing. Good night.
    Figures. It's a boring Sunday for me, just staying at home watching the Olympics. Only major events today are cross-country skiing, the hockey final, and the closing ceremony.
    I thought maybe signing up for TinyChat would solve the problem, not so either. Forget it, I can live without TinyChat.
    Chrome's my primary browser. I also have IE and Firefox, but they show the ads too. Not sure if the ads are put there by TinyChat or by some adware on my computer. Hope it isn't the second one, I'm still running scans to find the adware.
    Most of the ads are video ads which play sounds, and when you try to mute them sometimes they take you to the ad. Which is pretty damn annoying. I always thought AdBlock would clear the problem, but for some reason it doesn't. I thought it could be a virus or a bug, but I did a malware scan and nothing came up. So I'm pretty stumped, but the rest of the websties work, so I just tend to avoid using TinyChat.
    I don't know if it's my browser (Chrome) or what, but my TinyChat window is surrounded by ads of all kinds. Even if I use AdBlock. It's really annoying.
    when the fuck did the beatles say god is great beer is good and people are crazy
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