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  • still haven't listened to the box yet because i still haven't had the time to give it the attention it deserves.

    just ordered the vinyl though.
    haha typed a massive post for ya and nearly lost it cause your pm box is full

    doing some clearing you mess man
    yeah, it's the full 18-disc thing i downloaded. i think i might have had my fill of the circulating bob dylan bootlegs. there was a while there when i was downloading one every day, including recordings of his recent concerts the day after he played. burnt myself out, haha. i know you said you weren't into bootlegs, but if you're interested and you're looking for something you can't find elsewhere, there's an amazing resource here: http://www.expectingrain.com/discussions/. you have to be a member to see the sharing/downloads forum.
    haha the more vms the better. you've got me real excited to hear this thing - i'm still slacking and haven't gotten a copy yet. i couldn't figure out soulseek but i have located it via another route and i'm finally downloading it now. lord knows when i'll get a chance to properly listen to this monster (probably not until the second week in december), so you'll have to wait a bit for my detailed responses. i won't leave you hanging, haha.
    thanks a bunch for the info, man. i don't use soulseek so i never even thought to look there. gonna check it out tonight for the 18-disc version while i'm at work (better internet connection than i have at home). and thanks for the offer on the 6-disc set - i assume that means you picked up the vinyl box? if so, what are your thoughts on it? i haven't gotten a copy yet. i'm waiting until it's less than three figures dollar-wise, haha.
    haha i honestly haven't even looked yet. if i do find one though, i'll pass on the link to you.
    Only just saw your albums list man but that's some good shit. Just wanted to say it's good to see another Hail to the Thief fan around, so often the forgotten album!
    He's on an indefinite hiatus. Hasn't posted in about a month I think. I really hope he comes back when the season starts.

    Been doing fine as always.
    Good to hear that.

    Yeah, forum needs you. As if it wasn't enough to lose FP, Irvine and Kaine... looking forward to the Simposns starting again, the forum will become more active.
    for me, 'isis' is the clear highlight of desire, as well as the darker, more sinister-sounding 'one more cup of coffee' and 'sara'. thanks for messaging me, by the way. i hadn't revisited this album in probably a year or ago and i'm not gonna put it away for at least a week now, haha.

    also, i listened broken social scene's you forgot it in people while i running today and i wondered if you were a fan because it seems like something you'd be in to. you a fan?
    as far as 'joey' goes specifically, i wouldn't say it's one of my favourites on the album, but i don't think it's the travesty that most fans make it out to be. it's a very pretty song, just like 'mozambique', 'oh, sister', and 'romance in durango'. like you said, it does have a great rhythm - i'd almost describe the groove as 'lazy', but in a good way, haha. i actually like the sloppiness of the instrumental sections, where all the players get out of synch with one another. i don't think it was intentional for things to 'fall apart' in those parts, but i like the temporary disorientation before they all lock back in together for another verse. 'm not at all bothered by its factual inaccuracies. bob's story songs have been that way since the beginning and i have no idea why fans give 'hattie carroll' a pass but criticize his work from this era.
    hey man, sorry it took me a while to get back to you. for whatever reason, i very rarely reach for desire, but i put it on the other night so it'd be fresh in my mind. it's a great listen, especially on a hot summer night.

    i love how well the record captures that 'gypsy caravan sort of thing' that bob was doing on the road at the time - the band actually seem like a troupe of wandering minstrels. the behind-the-beat drums feel like a horse trotting along and the tambourine/jangly percussion sounds like stuff clanking around in carts and saddlebags. emmylou and scarlet rivera really add somethin' that isn't on any of bob's other albums.
    what didja think of black ops? I'm not struck. so many other better games to spend my money on.
    my GT is Biasesumo. you'll have to let me know if you sent a fr cause I don't know where they show up
    I've got GTA too, don't really spend much time in advanced warfare either. mainly GTA.
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