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  • well, it didn't turn out to be gospel songs, but i'm fine with more american standards.
    us ones in between is a beautiful song and i thank you for nomming it in that past showdown
    Yeah but it wasn't even the same show after a while you know, haha. I was truly, truly dreading the finale, and it was every bit as horrible as I expected.
    Wow, can you believe it? I actually watched the series finale of Two And A Half Men just so I could finally review it and legitimately say it sucks (and not just strongly assume it does)!
    Check it out... if ya dare.
    think I have mild insomnia so I hardly ever sleep. got my alarm set for 7am so I can nab a fourth song in the showdown hopefully.

    when we play it's either gonna be early for you or early for me. if I can I'll wake up at 7, eat and whatever and then be ready to play around 8:30? maybe. depends if I sleep through my alarm or not. do you have a mic?
    yeah the timezones are funny unfortunately. maybe tomorrow, I've got a concert tonight. what timezone are you in?
    also i just looked at an image of the mofi blood on the tracks with the banner slapped across the top. indeed looks like garbage. ironically, it kind of cheapens the album for me, even though it's a premium audiophile pressing.
    or quote-unquote trashy, i should say, cause who am i to put down that aesthetic. after this class i'll have a bachelors degree in cinema studies (with a minor in music history & culture), which is both very exciting and practically useless. coupled with my college music studies, i will have been in post-secondary education for seven years now. sigh. starting my masters degree in september. no rest for the wicked.
    oh, i still take my time and savour all art forms, i just meant that owning music, film, and television allows me to revisit a given work repeatedly and whenever i want. i can't find that anecdote about psycho anywhere on here but yes, it was probably me that said it, haha. the shower scene gets played a lot in classes and it's almost always met with laughter. a lot of classical hollywood films prompt similar reactions from my peers, like sunset boulevard for god's sake. one thing that drives me up the wall is inappropriate laughter at melodramatic acting performances. i've always felt like there's a difference between 'bad' acting and historically contingent acting styles. i'm actually starting my last-ever film class today on cult cinema, which i don't really know much about. i gravitate more towards glossy old hollywood than trashy exploitation fare.
    but yeah, i mean, i would still go for a 60s/70s press anyway, haha.

    i guess it's the archivist in me that wants to preserve high-quality physical copies of all media, haha. i was pretty strictly into collecting and studying music up until about three-four years ago when i started taking film classes and developed a greater interest in cinema. now i pretty much approach movies and tv shows like albums, revisiting them again and again and throwing them on whenever the mood strikes. i was never really like that before but i guess it just came with the ease of popping in the various discs on my shelf.
    i have two first canadian presses of blonde on blonde (one mono and one stereo, and i've actually always preferred the latter mix) and they both have an image of claudia cardinale on the gatefold interior that was used without her permission and got pulled from subsequent releases (as well as an image of an 'unknown whisperer'). i'm not sure if those images are on the reissue or not, but i think those would be the only things missing as far as liner information goes.
    are you referring to the blonde on blonde release with 'original master recording' along the top? i know what you mean about that banner being ugly, and i couldn't agree more. mobile fidelity slaps one of those on every one of their releases and it looks like trash, but they're actually a premium, high-qualiy audiophile label and that edition of the album is probably the best it's ever sounded, haha. it costs about a hundred bucks in canada and is actually kind of hard to find here, even in toronto. however, the sundazed mono reissue is far more affordable and it doesn't have that ugly banner, if you want to go that route. it seems to be readily available at any shop around here at pretty much any time. i suspect it's a big seller.
    haha yeah, you mentioned it before the holidays. sounds like your collection is growing at a pretty steady rate. did you get recent reissues of bob's records or are they vintage presses (and just out of curiosity, are they mono or stereo mixes)?

    i don't really get any music for christmas anymore - movies and tv shows are cheaper and easier to find in my family's neck of the woods, so i got a bunch of those.
    I might occasionally also review an older episode inbetween, but the reviews for season 8 will be slower since I'm pretty much only watching 1 a week.

    I was considering reviewing the series finale just out of morbid curiosity, but I felt tortured after already 5 minutes. I'll try again some day maybe.
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