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  • Osaka's gone?
    I checked Princess Tutu on amazon. It's only region 1 for the moment.
    So it'll take some time before I see it.

    Are you familiar with these 2 animated movies? I might buy them if you recommend them.


    I've rewatched it a couple times since the original airing, and even though i still dislike it quite a bit, there are a few things i find funny. it's still probably my least favorite though
    oh, ok.

    i may have asked before, but where would greatest story ever d'ohed fall?
    your least favorite episode is Simpson Safari? Think any episode will ever overtake that?
    Yeah, back to 5555. Sometimes fate is just too strong to fight.


    I wish I could downsize the picture I pasted in that usernote. It turned out to be all giantsize. [IMG]
    Ha, thank you. But I guess my posting will not be as prolific as it used to be though.
    Not that that's a bad thing.
    anime-discussion like the one in The Guilt.
    Hola!, creo que ni te acordaras ya de mi, ¿Que tal va todo? Espero que bien, yo he estado bastante ocupado, he terminado mis estudios, y bueno, hacía tanto que no venía por aquí, que me dije, bueno ¿por qué no?. Aunque no lo voy a frecuentar tanto como antes. De hecho, he dejado de ver la serie a mediodía desde hace bastante, seguire siendo fanático hasta el final, pero no quiero desgastarlo de tanto repetir. Feliz verano!
    Intrigued by your perfect ten given to Once Upon A Time In Springfield? You think it's comparable with the classic era? (not seen it myself but find it hard to believe)
    Hi there, I know we disagree on Team Homer but otherwise I like your posts.

    The Springfield Files though I definitely agree with you on. Best of S8.
    No problem. I enjoyed our little discussion about "Hunka Burns in love".
    I don't mind Azumanga Daioh too much, either.
    well, thanks for the request!
    i requested to get banned for a coupla weeks cause i had my 'mid-term' tests. now i'm done, but i'll have the joy of doing this shit again in 2 years...
    Also, I think your favorite episode list is very specific in displaying your character, and it seems as though it's one I want to get to know.
    Thanks for accepting it. I was thinking about doing a similar signature that you have, but grading the seasons instead of the episodes. I did a wordpad rough draft, and even calculated the GPA's for each five-year run. We'll see if I end up using it.
    The new episode, "The Bob Next Door", probably my favorite of the season. (along with "Postcards From the Wedge" and "The Squirt and the Whale")
    "The Squirt and the Whale", "To Surveil With Love", "Chief of Hearts", and "Moe Letter Blues" were all pretty solid (which, oddly enough, are the ones you haven't watched yet). But I'd place all four of them among the best of the season, for what it's worth.
    This is in reference to your signature: I'm curious to know your ratings on the episodes since "Postcards from the Wedge". I've found many of them to be rather terrific myself.
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