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  • I never know on which forum I should VM you.
    Well, let's go for this one today.

    That movie-top 100 thingie at NG gave me the impression that I am way behind regarding movie-watching. Then again, I'd like to prefer serialized television. (Buffy, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men, Fringe, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, Glee... )

    Oh yeah... The Illusionist was great.
    The charm of the (almost) silent approach really makes me itchy to see The Artist.
    But to be honest, Chico & Rita was the biggest surprise.
    That movie lingers into a captivating jazzy mood.
    The choice of animation style (it reminded me of cellshading) has its pros and cons, but overall it worked for me.

    Oh, and I'm finally gonna see The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.
    Yeah, it took me ages, but I waited for a bluray-release which seemed to be postponed time and again, and eventually I went for the dvd. (who says patience is its own reward -_-)
    Oh, he just started acting like a jerk when BGM was banned and accused me and Riviera (and Jims) of holding some sort of conspiracy theory against us. I tried to reason with him like BGM, but he wouldn't listen. It's like he's BGM's offspring.
    I finally had the chance to give The Triplets of Belleville a decent watch.
    Good experience. The brownish colours, the silent movie-approach, the unpolished drawing-lines...

    Is The Illusionist of the same quality?
    Well yeah, you're more into movies these days, right?
    With me it's with ups and downs.
    I recently held some rush on the movies in the library though, so I finally saw Repulsion and that Czechoslovak Alice-movie.


    But most of the times, it's just contemporary stuff that I watch.
    Yeah, you really have a great top 50! It looks like you really took the time to make it and it looks really well thought out.
    I was looking at your top 50 qwertyuio and I was very happy to see "22 Short films about Springfield" as your number 1. That episode is truely gold material. Anyway, I hope you have a good day. See you :).
    Wow, you study abroad.

    Me, I just do some standard office-work when I work, nothing special.

    But that abroad-studying... maybe that's a good way for you to find a work in another country than Spain, if that would be fitting in your life. I guess it's not easy to leave the country you grew up in, and the family and friends... but I hear it happens more and more, schooled people from Spain upping their chances in another country in Europe.
    Yeah, I read that even young people with a university-degree have to work for like 800 euros sometimes.

    What were you studying again?
    Haha, yeah.

    So how is it where you live? I mean... it's Spain, right.
    And the stuff I hear about Spain's economy... not that good.
    Well, I just hired The Secret World of Arrietty, so I'm gonna watch it this evening.
    Have you seen it also?

    Anyway, thanks for making me excited for "The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya".
    And I hope 'The Illusionist' will also be available in Belgium by then. I still have to see that one too.

    Erm... and now that we're talking... I read you also have problems with quoting since the major changes around here. In fact it doesn't work for me at all. Did you get any reaction when you mentioned the problem?
    Well, this summer I'm gonna know if I'll be able to stand The Endless Eight's repetitive nature. ;)

    And might that not be the case, then this little movie could always bring solace, because I'm gonna buy it at the same time.
    Yeah, I haven't seen 'The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya' yet.

    You're totally right.

    I still have to see the Endless Eight from the Haruhi-series though.
    I know the concept of those episodes and it seems to divide viewers.
    What's your opinion about them?
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