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  • You're welcome. Yeah, Plague Dogs and Felidae are two great and underrated films. So...do you plan on staying here permanently now? I hope that you do.
    Oh. Ah, well. Maybe you'll get back in it some day. How come you still were engaging in Simpsons discussion for a couple of years after you stopped despite that.
    I'm gonna give Angel Beats a try pretty soon. (and with giving a try I mean 'buying the whole series'
    Hey qwertyuio, I am here to let you know that Alexandre is next to pick in the Weekly Episode Club followed by you. If for some reason he fails to pick an episode today or tomorrow I'll be coming to you on Friday so have your pick ready just in case.

    Also, anime fan huh? Very cool!
    I finally saw the movie 'Hugo'.
    Warm, touching, beautifully filmed, great pacing, excellent acting...

    Oh, it will be released on 2 July. Interesting.
    I might buy it.

    Also planning to buy Angel Beats.
    Finally saw The Disappearance.
    And wow, it really had some thought-provoking existential themes.
    So many great moments, those two and a half hours flew by.
    Kyon's (and the viewer's) bit-by-bit realisation of how things were radically different than they used to be... it gave me goosebumps.
    But the real star in this one was definitely Yuki. Her underplayed sadness... so touching.

    I watched the endless eight back-to-back during a night (a crazy idea to actually watch it that way, I know), so I could really relate to their experience of being stuck in this seemingly neverending loop of events. It almost appeared to me as a lucid dream in the end.

    So are you still in Prague or back in Spain?
    I never know on which forum I should VM you.
    Well, let's go for this one today.

    That movie-top 100 thingie at NG gave me the impression that I am way behind regarding movie-watching. Then again, I'd like to prefer serialized television. (Buffy, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men, Fringe, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad, Glee... )

    Oh yeah... The Illusionist was great.
    The charm of the (almost) silent approach really makes me itchy to see The Artist.
    But to be honest, Chico & Rita was the biggest surprise.
    That movie lingers into a captivating jazzy mood.
    The choice of animation style (it reminded me of cellshading) has its pros and cons, but overall it worked for me.

    Oh, and I'm finally gonna see The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.
    Yeah, it took me ages, but I waited for a bluray-release which seemed to be postponed time and again, and eventually I went for the dvd. (who says patience is its own reward -_-)
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