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  • i keep forgetting about extract and tetro. not sure why, because they were the two films that i was looking forward to the most prior to this year.

    i think i'm the only one here that didn't like observe and report.

    i downloaded public enemies earlier today. plan to watch that tonight.
    i'm back. i'm usually awol when i'm out of school. i don't know exactly why. i board a lot during class of course, but i usually get interested in some thread during class and check on it again at night. staying at my grandmother's for a week -- she doesn't have internet -- didn't help matters. caught up on some reading though. she has a pretty fantastic library that i raided. no netflix though, since she has my mom's dogs now and they bark at any noise after 9. only movie we watched was casablanca, which i know you love. haha.

    so, i'm looking to catch up on films from this year. liked up, adventureland, inglorious basterds, the hurt locker, and a few others. a serious man and up in the air (really liked the book) are at the top of my lists. anything that i should jump ahead of those two? i'm not the biggest wes anderson fan anymore but i do want to check out fox.
    I'm not sure of that bar avatars existence on film... some of them were collected from 2008

    the Bardot-Birkin av is still amongst my collection
    I owe you a thumbs up on the house... I just didn't want to thumbs up a shut the fuck up post :D
    dear jake,

    i'm glad you started posting more. your film knowledge is invaluable to me (especially when it comes to asian/japanese cinema) and you're a good guy aside from that. feel free to talk to me on aim anytime i'm online.

    sincerely, santamac
    i actually had no idea it was such a revered shitty movie until i came across that doc. i'm always fascinated by bizarre, behind-the-scenes stories like that, too.
    finally someone who agrees with me. recommended it to a few others (non-no homers members) who dismissed it as merely an example of a great director honing his skills. or some bull shit like that.

    i'm not even sure that i still have an aim account. i need to get on that. i'm definitely not too busy, as my post count should confirm.
    haha sorry i needed someones recommendation and saw you were online. and yeah it's the one with field. i'm gonna see if my roommate likes it first before i sit through it, i'll let you know how i like it if i see it.
    yo red right what do you think of the movie sybil? one of my roommates rented it and is watching it in his room now, but i don't have time to watch it with him. it's 3 hours long, so is it worth it for me to watch it sometime?
    so i suck at communication because i didn't notice this visitor message until today and then looked through my e-mail and realized that my idiotic settings on outlook sent the invite to a spam folder. that's probably one of the reasons why i was an awful administrator here.

    this is awesome. with winter break about a month away, this is really going to come in handy. i've only watched like three movies in the last month or so ... and two of them were bad. :[
    hahah. i somehow missed that line. it sounds like something stolen from stuart scott.

    chris johnson is about the only reason i even bother to watch the titans games anymore. when we drafted him, i had no idea that he was going to be this much of a beast. in fact i remember complaining that we didn't pick up some player ... whose name i can't even remember now.
    i wouldn't mind him as much if he didn't feel the need to joke around with verne lundquist so much. it's mainly lundquist that i hate. he mispronounces names, hypes up every star as the best something since so-and-so, and is incapable of toeing the line between announcer and commentator ... yet tries to every week.


    still haven't gotten around to starting my ford marathon yet. my hard drive is filling up with downloads, so maybe i'll go on a ford bender saturday since bama has a bye.
    haha. it's that classic myspace angle that makes everyone look moderately attractive while they're pretending they're hiding from the timer they just set on their camera.

    oh, and i'll definitely be bumping your john ford thread soon. after falling in love with the man who shot liberty valance, i went on a torrent downloading spree.
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