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  • I've seen your review of Le Clan des Siciliens in your website, and as you don't seem really have enjoyed this film : sorry. :oops: But you forgot in your review Lino Ventura, who also was one of the biggest stars at this time, after starting his career with Gabin in Touchez pas au Grisbi. ;) I hope you will prefer my other recommendations (La Traversée de Paris, Le Président, Un singe en hiver, etc...).

    This weekend, I've watched an interesting documentary about Gabin, retracing his path from the beginning of World War II to his death in 1976, his career of post-World War II, his relationships with Michèle Morgan, Marlene Dietrich, Lino Ventura, his children, etc...
    just remembered that i posted that

    man FUCK YOU
    jake. wanna rec me some more films? i loved all the previous ones that you rec'd me [that i could find]. im interested in 'film noir' esque films which are shot in technicolor. or just any thrillers... in technicolor. thanks man
    ive seen sanam and its winter and both are very good but they'd definitely come under the heading of UBER DRY. whereas the hunter, while still being very new-iranian (i.e. good-naturedly irritating), exhibits a slightly less....arid minimalism. its sensibility is a little more beckettian, a little more east asian
    i would absolutely love to know what you thought of the hunter, if you get a chance to see it somewhere (or perhaps already have). thoroughly recommended anyway, both despite and because of your SYSTEMIC ANTI-IRANIAN BIAS
    both! but probably more on the side of me having seen too less. i would have expected to have seen about 6/7. where do you get your films from, anyway; primarily download?
    have you ever done a top 10/20/50 films list on this board? if you havent, this is god telling you to make one for my edification
    Le Jour se lève will be re-aired in 3 weeks at French television. :)

    Have you seen another films with Jean Gabin since our last conversation ?
    A little precision about Le Tatoué : the scenario is maybe a bit light, but with the performances of Gabin and de Funès, it's still a nice film.
    A word about Louis de Funès : he was one of our best comic actors, if not the best, and certainly the most popular. He also was one of the few actors able to attract millions of viewers in films theaters on alone his name.

    Two films of de Funès are on Youtube in French version with English subtitles, if you want.
    This is a scene of Le Grand Restaurant (1966), where he plays the director of a big Parisian restaurant. In this scene, he gives a recipe to a German customer in his language : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GkZFBmBYSM :D
    No problem. ;) Henri Verneuil is a great director. He directed also Gabin in Le Président (1961, with Bernard Blier), Un singe en hiver (1962, with Jean-Paul Belmondo), and Mélodie en sous-sol (1963, with Alain Delon).
    Yes, myself I'm most familiar with the Gabin of post-World War II. He is great in films like La Traversée de Paris (Claude Autant-Lara, 1956, with Bourvil and Louis de Funès) or Le Clan des Siciliens (Henri Verneuil, 1969, with Alain Delon and Lino Ventura). I also like the comedy Le Tatoué (Denys de la Patellière, 1968), with Louis de Funès as co-star.
    So, Jean Gabin is your favorite actor ? It's nice to see that French cinema is not completely unknown in the USA. :)
    Mostly westerns honestly

    I watched Winchester '73 about a week ago. It was good but I really think I prefer the Mann/Stewart color westerns, particularly The Naked Spur and The Far Country. I don't know, I think maybe the type of character he and Stewart were developing in those collaborations was more fleshed out in those films.

    Also Gomorrah. Have you seen that? Would be interested in your take if you have.
    fuk srry bbz i hd a bt of a clear owt dndt mean 2 dlt u. frnd rqst snt again x
    ill try and find that

    next in my torrent queue is fort apache. pumped
    dude. HIGH SIERRA. holy shit the mountain scene at the end. incredible direction
    ahaha i bet he's pissed now that he lost his username of 9 years. i'll try and figure out aim right now
    paul andres is a cunt. YOU HEAR THAT PAUL.

    anyway, tobacco road, on first impression, is now a top fifteen movie for me at least. i need to watch it again before i give any sort of detailed review that's worth a damn, but i can say that i can't wait for the opportunity to watch it again. from the opening shot of the windy dirt road, which set the mood so fucking perfectly, i was hooked.

    i'll get around to gummo but trust me, i think i need to be in a herzog mood before i check it out, and those come and go. i'm more interested in checking out the rest of ford's films. i was on board for the man who shot liberty valance, how green is my valley, and the grapes of wrath, but then -- although i liked it -- the searchers sort of dampened my desire for ford. i don't know, it was a good film, just not on par with the others. i'm planning to check them out in the order that you ranked them unless you have some suggestion for someone who loved tobacco road, but isn't nuts about the searchers.
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