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  • do u remember that song u showed us that one time in TC?
    it was some guy on one of those launchpad things
    can't remember it's darn name
    I do enjoy how smug cunts like you and HBW seem to think that posting 'o' on the livewall is far above my apparently limited boarding repertoire. Worthless boarding indeed.
    hey man what were those songs you played in the chat yesterday?
    you know, the thundercat ones and whoever that dude was on that dj set
    thx. i had to sort of re-write HANDSOME BOY for it to even be visible and i still don't know if it is
    oh, no worries, man. that's a real bummer, but i hope things turn around for you guys soon! great call on the back to the future set, by the way. my buddy has a copy and it's really well done. good luck facing the 'madness' tomorrow (i too have never witnessed any unreasonable black friday insanity).
    you should post an updated photograph of your dvd/blu-ray collection. i'd love to see what it looks like now, two years after your last one.
    seriously dude, you weren't helping at all ARMscare and I will see you in jail (where you will be sent to for your disgraceful behavior, you cyber bully)
    oh my god this is dman's actual honest to god dispute: "ryan is being mean and calling me names and i'm very upset about it"
    please come into tinychat we have a totally inoffensive question for you
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