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  • yeah let me know how it turns out.

    haha yeah tapes are great. i have a ton of demo tapes from the punk scene from 2005-present. i even made and distributed a cassette release for a punk band out in california. it was a fun experience. they sold like hotcakes. here it is.
    well what i do is this. first i pop the dvd into the computer, then i play it in windows media player. i pause the video and then hit the "Print Screen" button on my keyboard. then i open up "Adobe Photoshop" and hit 'new'. then i press 'paste' and then i 'crop' the image down to size and save it as a 'jpeg'. i made a "blogspot" in which i upload all my images too. then i 'copy the image's url' and use the 'insert image' button and paste the url.

    thanks for the question, i'm happy to help. if you need any clarification or more help, just ask. i'm sure there is a way to do this without the 'blogspot' but i couldn't figure it out.
    I just realized that whenever I read something posted by you, I automatically read it in Lionel Hutz's voice. Thought I'd let you know.
    yeah exactly. i don't get why. well at least you know i'm joking. so yeah, i'm gonna do that for a while.
    thanks for the kind words man!
    haha i've never known anyone with such a strong dislike towards the stereo mix of 'taxman'. like i said, the crackly distortion problems with the mono are a little too distracting for me. but yeah, i dunno, beatles for sale, help!, and hard day's night don't seem to be very harshly panned to me - it's rubber soul and magical mystery tour where the issues arise.

    other albums where mono trumps stereo: pet sounds, john wesley harding, songs of leonard cohen, odessey and oracle
    however, i guess i'm probably more of a fan of the stereo mixes.

    i always thought beatles for sale sounded just stunning. the white album is easily my favourite album of theirs, and the stereo mixes of those songs sound far 'cleaner', airy, and balanced to me. for instance, it seems like paul's harmony on 'i'm so tired' is way too loud in mono. also, on that particular album, it's not only the mixes that are different - some bits are missing on the mono version (no handclaps on 'ob-la-di' or 'wild honey pie', and no 'blisters on my fingers' on 'helter skelter'). oh, also, on revolver, the mono version has some distortion problems, particularly on 'taxman'.
    i couldn't say whether i'm completely in favour of beatles in mono or beatles in stereo, as it changes with every album (and song, haha). generally, though, it seems like the stereo mixes have cleaner, dryer vocals, while the mono mixes tighten up the songs with extreme left/right panning.

    the first two lps were definitely meant to be heard in mono, and the tracks on rubber soul are panned so heavily in stereo that its a bit of annoying listen. i also like magical mystery tour in mono because of panning issues (vocals in one channel only/i think halfway through 'i am the walrus', the vocal goes just slightly off center, but it's just enough to through my head out of whack when using headphones).
    the two you should get to last are probably another side of bob dylan and john wesley harding. though both wonderful lps, another side sounds a little goofy because he basically just got liquored up and recorded the album in one spurt. and john wesley harding takes a bit of time to love - though you're lucky you got the mono version, which makes that album about a trillion times better. the extreme panning on the stereo mix renders it nearly unlistenable for me. haha sorry this was a little long-winded. i get excited about bob.

    so yeah - freewheelin' and highway 61!
    those are all very accessible albums, but the best ones to focus on first would likely be freewheelin', the strongest of the first four 'folk' albums, or highway 61 revisited, which is essentially the most perfect album ever (and all of the songs are pretty much arranged just like positively 4th street). bringing it all back home is another good starter, as it's really the best of both worlds (half electric and half acoustic), but some of the electric songs aren't exactly his best writings; they're more fun than anything. blonde on blonde is my personal favourite, but it's a bit of a grower (particularly the second half).
    ohh man, you are in for a real treat - that mono box is super exciting! did you go for the cds or the lps?

    and sorry, is the question which album to start with? or where to find a mono mix of positively 4th street? i'll mediafire the track for you, as long as you're not hung up on only downloading flac files or something. this is just an mp3, but it sounds fine.
    thanks al and mike. i don't know, i'm really pissed they deleted all those posts.
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