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  • Happy birthday.


    pure speculation on my part but i think it's highly unlikely any major chains will fill the void. i swear my local wal-mart has stocked the same cds, dvds and blus for the last four years (barely any at all), and although there's occasionally a good deal to be had at best buy it's basically the same situation. i know the bb in downtown toronto doesn't stock any criterions or anything like that. i'm lucky that toronto has a couple decent independents (sonic boom and bmv). can't imagine you guys have too many options other than vertigo, do you? guess it's amazon all the way from now on.
    yeah i saw that hmv news the other night and took it hard. my girlfriend asked me if i was gonna cry haha. everything sucks.
    I just re-read the second-half of the Mafia II thread. What a saga. Still holds up today. I can't believe I sent you a cheeky blackmail message, and then we were going to team up to kill Dobbie. That game got so deep. :D
    (Zombies was so mad, lol. One of his most transcendent blow-ups ever.)
    oh okay, now i see what you were talking about. looked at the link and it's actually not the gif, it's some jpeg from a site that's now gone private i guess.
    wait so does it work now or not, haha? cause i'm not getting anything weird on my end.
    oh i didn't know what you were talking about. you put the link and it prompts a log in? what's the url, cause nothing else that i link to my images comes up with that.
    i don't have tv, but i was at my parent's house that night and i was surprised to see it was on tcm. i put it on for about twenty minutes, announcing that it's one of the best movies i've ever seen, but apparently my dad has no soul because he just kept making insensitive remarks until i had to shut it off. glad you liked it!
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