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  • bad plays by pastrnak all series. oh well, they could've may it much farther anyway without any d or krejci.
    i wish them the best but i have my doubts that they will stay in business for more than a couple years. as far as i can tell, they really plan to push vinyl above all other media, right? haven't really heard them say anything about movies. won't be getting much cash from me. :/
    what! well the bruins lost another defenceman on a knee by that jackass borowiecki, krejci was scratched a minute before game time, they had 0 shots in the 2nd, and still somehow managed to win in the end.
    yeah when i was reading a review for the box set yesterday it mentioned that guardaldi doc, which i haven't seen and would love to. a friend has a copy so i'm gonna remedy this soon. guaraldi's trio really has a remarkably distinct sound. even the non-peanuts stuff he recorded is pretty much instantly recognizable.
    haha you knew that thumbs up i gave you in the dvd thread was mainly for the peanuts mention. will go to my grave maintaining charlie brown christmas is a masterpiece. i like the '60s ones a lot but i find the post-'60s features/specials pretty spotty (with the exception of the atmospheric bon voyage, charlie brown).
    quieter, you do have a night shift bonus for any job that does 11 to 7.

    No uniform, you can sort of go at your own pace but still need to haul ass ofc
    third shift is the third cycle of 8 hours in a 24 hour day.

    For example, first shift is 8h30/9am to 5/5h30pm. Second shift is 2/3pm to 10/11pm, and third shift is 11pm to 7am.
    i'm not familiar with that specific release, so it's hard to say. it's obviously a uk import but maybe the disc is region free (happens a lot). but it could also be a quirk, haha. one of my r1 players will read my r2 curb dvds and the other won't. can't figure it out. i know arrow always region-locks these days their discs but since this was issued seven years ago they may not have gotten into that habit yet. coincidentally, i just sold my arrow bicycle thieves blu-ray last week (and i can confirm THAT disc was definitely r2-locked). sorry i am of no help, haha. beauty cover on that dvd, by the way. i like it a lot better than the art on the blu-ray release (link).
    yeah i just finished it a couple hours ago. definitely not how i remembered it, twenty minutes went by and barely anything happened yet. way to boring throughout, and the ending with the helicopter/boat had potential, but it went on for way too long and just wasn't cool for some reason. yeah the mobsters were bad and had way too much screen time. having said that, it was still okay, familiar cold new york setting as the first. you actually gave it a better score than i did, haha.

    first one still holds up real well. gonna watch 'in africa' tomorrow probably, which is definitely still good and better than 'big score' (though sadly plagued by an excessive run-time).
    sweet! i wouldn't say it's as good (tough competition), but it is great. i haven't seen them in a long while now though, bout time i revisit the trilogy. keep me posted when you watch it.
    oh nice! yeah it's good, nothing special. yeah that LA river location is the greatest for car chases. haha, i'll have to pull out the dvd and have a look at the stunt double, can't remember it off hand. that old white guy at the end giving the black power salute is always the first thing that comes to mind when i think about the film.
    yeeee twas the shorter version. TCM usually plays the shittier versions from what I've read online (Journey to Italy was the same thing)usually b/c of time restraints or availability. Maybe I'll check out the other version soon. i really should tbh give it a fair shake and all. Saw you watched Tomorrow. Good movie. Seems no one has really seen it!
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