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  • ah nice, some decent entries. africa has a stellar soundtrack. black mama's pretty good, probably the best of the pam grier women in prison films (of which there's like 5 or something).
    sweetback sucks if you ask me, but yeah it might be cool in a theater setting. oh well.
    hey thanks, yeah all good.
    and yeah the bruins certainly have to pick up their game. oh well 7 games is fitting.
    yeah The Slams is really good, gotta watch it again sometime.
    i really disliked Trouble Man the first time i watched it, but on a recent re-watch a few months ago i didn't hate it.
    definitely in the 'good' category though for reasons you stated. and i will say the gaye soundtrack still sucks.
    can't remember, have you ever seen Gordon's War? paul at his best if you ask me, and easily a top 5 blax film.
    sorry for the delay - sometimes i get notifications for these and sometimes i don't. but yeah, seems like a fairly standard ranking. i went through the tati box set again earlier this year and while playtime is still far and away my favourite, i was surprised how much the relative simplicity of jour de fete has grown on me over time. i actually felt a bit bored watching trafic again, and at this point i'm not sure i ever need to revisit parade. hulot's holiday and mon oncle are both top of the top. still haven't seen any demy and i have free access to the criterion box set!
    ah man, the restaurant sequence is my favourite, probably in all of tati's cinema. but yeah, not heavy on the laughs for me either, but it's so impeccably crafted and stunning just the same. could probably say that about all of his films, actually. definitely benefits from multiple rewatches. and listening to the commentaries on the criterion box set highlighted a lot of subtle 'gags' that i never would have noticed otherwise. i can't remember if you've seen any of his other ones, have you?
    oh yeah i remember talking about it. thanks, but yeah i don't have tv anymore.
    i was thinking of doing a simple system like that. would certainly make things easier. i just wish i were able to watch a film all the way through, think about it, and then give it a score a couple days later, rather than assigning it a score mentally like twenty minutes in.
    yo hutz i keep wanting to do the criticker thing but i feel like it messes with the way i watch movies. like i'll keep thinking to myself, 'is this an 80 or an 85?' can't fully get into the movie cause i'm just getting bogged down with a stupid number that ultimately no one will care about. you ever feel that way?
    damn i must have missed your comment. yeah boss n***** is probably the best of the trilogy, though i'm not really into any of the blax westerns that much. yeah the theme is great, but i personally like the theme to 'the soul of n***** charley' more. haha, yeah one of my favourite directors did the muthers. i'd say you wouldn't really like much of his 70s stuff then, cause most of it has that feel (and shot in the philippines a lot). though the muthers is kinda lower-tier as well. where did you watch it?
    i don't think i've ever changed them but i think it sometimes glitches and shows another users colors wrong or maybe you just changed them to exactly what the default is. you did remind me that i've always wanted to change them but never think of it.
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