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    modern simpsons hires criminal as writer

    not even one of the fun crimes, either
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    Are there any Simpsons characters you feel have a story to tell?

    Frink did but he showed up too late
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    What're You Listening to?

    Fleetwood Mac--Rattlesnake Shake (Version 1) from the Live at the Boston Tea Party album
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    Did any of you guys know charles manson was still alive

    besides he's still a less annoying Beach Boy than Mike Love
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    How much would you have to be paid to have sex with The Donald?

    honestly now that I think about it I think it depends on how much money I could make for selling a tell-all expose about Orangeman's dick size and sex techniques. Might be able to make a pretty penny if I play m'cards right
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    Rate & Review: "Gone Boy" (XABF02)

    My favorite episode of the season so far. Kelsey Grammar was great as always as Bob, I enjoyed the various interactions between him and the therapist. Milhouse being a "nice guy" towards Lisa was a shitty move but something I felt was in-character for him, and I also enjoyed Homer and Grandpa...
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    Futurama General Discussion

    I'm glad they brought it back even though the CC run was weaker than the FOX run. The CC run consisted of 4 mediocre 13-episode seasons, but collecting the best 20-22 of those would make for an absolutely excellent season of television.
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    Would you rather have Homer or Flanders as a neighbor?

    for classic era only, I'd honestly prefer Homer. I keep myself to myself and I disconnect the phone, and classic Homer basically just wants to be left alone. One Flanders bbq would be fun, having him constantly come up with shit like that would be a pain in my loner ass. For the modern era...
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    Meanest Moments

    Boys of Bummer for sure. As I said in another thread, for the idea to work the character going getting shat on either has to be a Milhouse-style butt-monkey or an asshole we enjoy being brought down a peg, Bart is neither and thus the episode fails. Homer framing Marge for the DUI in...
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    Did any of you guys know charles manson was still alive

    let the record show that Charlie never actually murdered anyone, the Family did the crimes of their own free will
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    2018 Celebrity Death Prediction Thread

    now, now, unlike most televangilists I think BG might have been a genuinely deluded asshole. He was wrong about many things but unlike most of his bretheren I don't think he was trying to fuck over his followers. He might have one more chance in asshole purgatory (which, being an asshole myself...
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    Rate & Review: "Singin' in the Lane" (WABF21)

    A few isolated jokes made me laugh (my favorite was when Lisa and Co. were doing the Reservoir Dogs parody, and it switched out of their POV and they were just walking slow for no reason), but overall this episode was a bunch of barely related skits that didn't really hold together well. Bart...
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    When The Simpsons reference your country or town, what was it like for you?

    Springfield always had some LA references (the sign, Krustylu studios, the Springfield Bowl), but over the seasons it's moved from Anytown, USA to an LA suburb Granted, many animated shows do this. Somewhere around Season 7 South Park moved about 100 miles closer to Denver.
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    Which episodes do you think have the best commentary?

    IIRC this is the only commentary through Season 14 where they do this. The only thing that comes close is in the deleted scenes commentaries for season which have multiple showrunners for episodes the showrunners will each talk about their own episodes