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  • Nearly forgot to assign your title, Animal. You will be head of the Congressional Library...of ROCK!
    I have some strange sense of detail that lets me see specifics between the animators. You might say I'm the resident animation expert, or one of them.
    I despise football - it's really hard to explain, actually. I've hated football for as long as I can remember (since I was about 5 and a half) so I really can't find the definite reason why I hate the sport. I think it's more based on the machismo factor that is involved into it - which I ultimately despise.

    It's really hard to explain - sorry if this doesn't answer your question.
    which is also why i was rejected to ap psycholgy and i knew that i couldn't really make it to ap english with all the improvements i had because of my poor showing in the sophomore year. and ha i meant school ranking as the rankings of colleges; like you could easily apply for prestigious universities and stuff with scores like that and good enough grade but i do see my friends going for schools that arn'et loud on ranking but gives them tons of money
    nebraska is a good state school. if scholarship's your goal, i guess you're not thinking much on school rankings on consideration to apply? it's a good thing that you're good at standardized tests. i always can't show my potential as i want in class and in tests because of english being my second language agh
    sup man you're like the only one here that's both online and has a name i still remember o_O
    so, uhm hey, guess who's back?
    yea. i wish there was a way i could prove to all of them that I'm not just a +1er...
    i thought about coming in that thread several times, but i didn't.

    haha that'll be changed... probably
    the only things i do actively are playing basketball, which is boring because it's usually in my backyard by myself, or walk around my neighborhood. sometimes i go to a friend's house and play basketball with him, but generally that's all i do
    oh. i've only seen bits and pieces of the show before. It's decent.

    I'm not really a runner most of the time but i was at the park with a couple friends playing tag :P
    i'm on summer break which is nice. I'm sore from yesterday, i spent a lot of the day running at the park with a couple friends.

    south park avatar i see. episode?

    haha my goal was to get 12,000 by the end of today, but oh well. 20,000? end of the year probably! haha
    it's been a year since i joined so i'm being "Sappy" and telling certain members how much i like them.

    good member, one of the nicer people here. we don't talk a lot but when we do i enjoy it. keep on rocking
    wow, ten bucks? that's cheap.

    but i guess matt and trey have their online US website with all the episodes, so i guess that could be the reason. :/

    anyway thanks for the info.
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