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  • Usually tourneys are done by having one letter per round, and a different number for each poll. Like you do round A and have x vs. y, making it 1A; then you'd have another poll and make that 2A, etc. Once all the polls for that round are done you'd repeat the process with 1B and so forth. Just a suggestion.
    Well, I've noticed that the tourneys don't have public poll viewing or whatever it's called. You might consider selecting that option when you make the poll, most people prefer it that way.
    I have written a negative review of a negative review of a Simpsons episode
    Yes, it is. I admit there is sometimes a little compensation at newer episodes that I can't avoid, but I always try to be equally harsh at any Simpsons' era.

    A 10 is not a top perfect score or something like that for me. It's simply what I consider for an episode that I liked too much and was nearly impeccable. And there are lots and lots of 10's in my book (I think they were at least 90). What makes the difference between classics and post-classics is that while the first nine seasons include approximately 80 of them, there are only 10 or less since season 10.

    So, I am a high-grade user, but it is like that always. My notes are put on a scale that seems to be too much generous, but I try to be strict by giving any episode its deserved grade based on that scale.
    Dark Side of the Moon has been and always will be my favorite album of all time. I also like Animals and Meddle a lot too.
    Wow, you're accepting so many friends on this site recently. Nonetheless, I appreciate the gesture. Thank you.
    Glad to see you're enjoying the tournament. I think many people are enjoying it. I know it was a cheesy at first but I think people are liking it.

    No, there haven't been any upsets yet, there's a tie right now between "THOH III" and "Blame it On Lisa" and there was another tie but I used my own tiebreaker to break that tie.
    you're welcome dude. you are all fine, we need more participation from members just like how you are doing it
    No problem; thanks for accepting! Judging from your posts thus far, you definitely add a friendly energy to NHC. :)
    did you see my next post in funeral for fiend thread

    it was a joke, i guess it's one of the stuff that doesn't work in internet...
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