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  • Hah, I wouldn't think of implying such a thing. You, kind sir, seem as un-hip as they come. ;)

    I don't usually like to reveal my musical tastes, as I think they make me seem like a tool, but here's a sampling of some of my favorite bands: The New Pornographers, (some of) Arcade Fire, Rise Against, The Who, Belle & Sebastian, and (most embarrassingly) Billy Joel. Basically I'll listen to everything once; I don't have discriminating tastes as much as I have no taste.

    I didn't realize your music reviews were linked; I am off to read them now. Other than what you've reviewed, though, what bands are you into? Perhaps there's some overlap, considering my, uh, catholic, wide-reaching tastes.
    Yeah, I feel like music reviewing in particular is subject to a fair amount of hipster-ish snobbery. I may once again venture to the music boards, but I doubt my own musical tastes really mesh with those of most other posters. I would be interested in reading your reviews, though, if only because you seem aware of both the challenges and prejudices that come with the task of music reviewin'.
    God, I couldn't write a music review to save my life (I could barely write an episode review to save my life). You must have to be pretty literate in the terminology that goes along with music, so that you can write something that seems at least a little bit informed. I was checking out the music board earlier, and it didn't seem like the most hospitable place.
    I figured a lack of interest in the Simpsons might have contributed to the overhaul of NHC anyway. I'll admit that I haven't seen a new episode in at least a year, so I'm not necessarily the best person to revitalize the place. But I may pay the Simpsons section a visit, just to see what's what.
    Oh, it's mighty intimidating. I got the email a few months ago about how it was no longer solely a Simpsons-related board, and I kind of just shrugged it off. But today I was bored, so I figured I'd check it out--and, yeah, it's mighty different. Sleeker, though, and easier in some ways to navigate. I guess I'll hang around for a while; there are some good discussions to be had here, and I am nothing if not an avid discusser of things.
    Hey, man. Thanks for the welcome. I like to pop in every year or so, just to see what's up.
    Thought so. Difficult question that. Dark Side of the Moon is pretty epic, but probably Piper at the Gates of Dawn for me, for the overrall feel of it. It's not an album but Live at Pompeii has some of my favourite tracks.

    I'm fine, I suppose. I haven't applied for school for a while, mostly 'cause I have no idea what I'm doing.So I'm just working now.
    You keepin' busy?
    Oh, yeah. I remember you. I use to be "Ragnell". Not the best name. I think we agreed on a post about the simpsons still being good.
    So, how's it going?
    Niiiiice. It's a great feeling when you leave school. Well, I assume it is?

    Not bad thanks. Been trying to get a job with 0LUCK! I'm in the middle of making a portfolio website so that I can send the link within my CVs to give examples of some of the things I'm able to do.
    Other than that? Been playing games and buying too many CDs.
    i just broke my floyd virginity and listened to Dark Side of the Moon in it's entirety, i liked it. Where do I go from here?

    Note: highlights were gilmour and the sax.
    Happy Hollerdays, Animal!

    I'm feeling great, thanks. Winter vacation is approaching and I'm looking forward to taking a break from uni. Plus, there's Christmas and all
    that jazz. Also, I'm going Christmas shopping for friends and family, which is my favorite part of the holidays. xD
    Hey! Sorry it took so long, but I just wanted to say thanks for adding me. :) How are you?
    I've kind of revised my rating system over time. I only have a 1/5 as an F, so 2's and 3's fall somewhere in mediocrity, while 4's and 5's are the good to great episodes. One thing I don't do though is distinguish the classics from the post-classics. As a result, post-classic episodes seldom ever get above a 3/5, while the classic era generally never goes below a 4/5. So in this case I saw a lot of flaws and would hardly say it was very good, but at the same time there were some things I appreciated out of it.
    Haha! I saw a lot of 1/5s, and I certainly couldn`t bring myself to that for this one. Maybe it comes down to that I haven`t (quite) F-ed an episode this season. But hey, an 11/15 isn`t very high up in the modern era echelon for you from what I remember, so maybe in your case I was comparing to your usual thoughts.
    Well, you have to understand that I enjoy classical music as well as prog rock. So I am not sure that it could possibly be bad for me. It does not sound like a live recording in the least (classical crowd). I played Sax, Tuba, and Bass Violin in high school.

    Many prog rock bands perform covers of classical music. Yes has a classical cover on a good number of albums. Styx did it on their early (less pop/more early heavy metal) albums. Other prog bands like Procal Harum and The Moody Blues wrote their own material in the classical style. I'd say that the best of these are done by ELP. If you like what they did, then you can pick up the Deep Purple one.

    Here is a classical influenced piece by Procol Harum:
    i'm ruined for life. how am i gonna see another show without comparing it to last night? awesome...awesome...awesome. THAT'S how the big boys do it! lol
    two questions:

    1) are you still Pink Floyd nut?
    2) you still interested in getting into film?

    if the answer to those two questions is yes, then watch this film
    cool shirt. i'm definitely gonna pick one up.

    hell, it'd have been kinda cool if gilmour DID show up in omaha.....the way it appears, they'll probably hook up, predictably, in london. a buddy of mine says he heard they were gonna play TWO shows together, but i can't confirm just how baked he was upon hearing that
    glad you had a great time! the atlanta show is just around the corner, and i'm counting the days. the youtube footage has looked pretty unbelievable. the odds are increasing for a gilmour appearance, too....but i bet he'll end up in CA or some overseas show. if he ends up in atlanta, you'll hear me screaming from all the way here!

    did you pick up any merch? if not, did you still get a look at any of it? unless everything's god-awful, i've got to get at least a t-shirt for this one. i passed on the merch for the phish & rush shows i recently went to, but i can't imagine doing that for mr. roger waters......
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