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  • It's fine hughes I don't really think there's a need to delete it. I don't actually mind discussion in that thread, but figured/hoped most of it would pertain to the final results. As long as things remain civil though like I said it is fine. Otherwise I guess I'll have to delete posts but I hope it doesn't come to that, we'll see...
    I have no idea who this guy is. He sent me a pm saying this:

    "You suck

    You are a terrible poster! Your posts suck and nobody likes the new guy in town and im stealing the spot light. Besides you suck with this website anyway. Im cooler than you. Because you are a loser."

    I can sense that things about to get real bad, real fast.
    Just so you know hughes it is your week to nominate for the NHC weekly episode club. Please do so either Wednesday or Thursday, thanks.:)
    I'm changing them everyday for the rest of my boarding days ;)

    i get tired of using the same avatars for an extended period so now i switch at least once every 24 hours or so. if you have a suggestion for one i could use today, or in the future, i'd be sure to use it
    i guess i'm in the minority, but i for one approve of your avatar. if you haven't heard for yourself yet, he's definitely the MVP of the new yes album, for sure.....

    get those blogs up & running again.....very impressed with your floyd & who blogs, and was looking forward to "the yes album" but you never got to it!
    Haha yeah. We have a lot of rap/hip hop here as well but a lot of it is fused with dance beats and stuff and it just sounds even worse.

    How is the music showdown being done btw? Do we just type out a list of songs and send them in
    I seriously don't understand why though. Granted, I've not heard a huge amount of American mainstream rock, but what I've heard seems to mostly have the same sound, and we have plenty of poor quality stuff here too but at least there's always variety. Perhaps that's why Blur got so popular.

    Do you folk in the US get to hear much from our sort of alternative scene? Stuff like The Vaccines
    All good tracks. Mine is probably Fake Plastic Trees because it's a very deep song (even for Radiohead) and has a great video although Optimistic, Myxamatosis and Planet Telex are all good too, they've done so many great tracks. I'm surprised they're popular in the US though, only a certain kind of music seems to go across the pond usually
    Fair enough, I don't think it is as terrible as you do but opinion is opinion, I wasn't trying to make you mad or anything, which is how your response seemed to me.
    i dunno. the ladder was decent, magnification was mostly eh. then again, those were well over 10 years ago. they must be bursting with fresh, progressive stuff...right? probably not, but i sure would like that. i don't think this new guy "gets it", like jon does (or did?). i suppose i could be wrong.
    if yes can even get anywhere close to their last really good epic (mind drive), i will be somewhat happy.
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