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  • yeah, thanks man.

    lawnboy's wall as he calls it is something i adopted as a mini-blog.
    <kupomog> blappy add me on the facebook
    <kupomog> if i forget to add you first
    oh okay i am not that gr8 of a fan because i don't really know it back to back. i will just tell everyone that sad songs are nature's onions. oops.
    well... if they are gas and "we" are going to stay in the driveway, you don't really need them or the gas. what with gas prices these days, anyway. is the driveway a bad place to be? you have confused me with your metaphor
    Trey apparently is hinting that he wants to, but I don't see it happening. Nor do I want it to happen if Trey is playing anything like he was in '02-04
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