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  • I also have the same theory about Family Guy.

    But it seems so true about Simpsons, doesn't it
    yea, prolly not. I got made fun of a lot for my excessive posting. oh well...
    I post a lot, my first day I had over 100. I had my own trivial thread and I do my own scripts and stuff :)
    Yea, I post there sometimes. Some of them are mean, tho I'm not singling anyone out. Tho they prolly dislike me due to my high post count in such a short time ;)
    yea, he loves it, he thinks it is as good as ever. The only thing he hates is Lisa {he's well-known around here for hatred of Lisa}. But he's one of the nicest members around here
    and then there are some members on here who basically still do love every episode. I respect their opinions, but I disagree strongly
    my favorite post-classic season is 19, don't know why, the first half had mostly mediocre episodes but the later half, the episodes were grand. 20 sucked for the most part IMO.

    I haven't really begun changing my opinion until joining this site. I used to love every episode, now I love a lot, but there are also a lot more I hate/can't stand
    first off, sorry I am taking so long to respond. I visited a relative in the hospital.

    secondly, I have a different opinion then the hardcore fans, I started watching about season 13 or so, so I am used to this kind of humor. But a lot of the time nowadays characters aren't used to their full potential. Season 20 is my least favorite season of the show, but right now 21 seems to be headed in a great direction
    then yea, it is D'ohmer's least favorite too.

    Yea, one season 10, one 11. Scully is often regarded as the worst one. What do you think of current episodes?
    that's also D'ohmer's least favorite I believe {he's a member here}. Is it the one where Marge and Homer basically ditch the kids? If so it is his too.

    My two least favorites are Little Big mom and Make Room For Lisa. I find them to have pretty poor characterization, bland/boring, and not really funny
    Cape Feare, what an excellent choice. Definitely a top 5 or so.

    Mine's The Springfield Files, from season 8
    thanks. from one of my top 20 or so episodes.

    and you're welcome. you seem to be a cool guy.

    what's your favorite episode?
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