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  • I still miss your old persona. It's weird how people's avatars can influence my approach to them.
    Haha, I suddenly realised I sent you a lot more Pms in times when you had your original avatar.
    i don't think i do.

    but i could probably rent them somewhere to see if i like it
    what network is it on?

    cool, i like when shows' end their seasons on twists.
    it's not too bad though some of it is annoying.

    oh, how's dexter? i never saw it but i kinda wantef to get into it (starting from the beginning of course)
    "Farewell, I guess?"

    Nobody ever says farewell for real.

    "(insert joke about cinco leaving)"

    Did he really have to wait until 5555? Wasn't 555 also a possibility to leave?
    Erm... it's pretty hard to describe. It's probably easier to describe the characters. From wiki...

    Blackadder though is a cynical, cowardly opportunist concerned with maintaining and increasing his own status and fortunes, regardless of his surroundings. In each series, Blackadder is an almost modern voice puncturing the pretensions and stupidity of those around him, and what might — through modern eyes — be seen as the more ludicrous and insane follies of history

    The lives of each of the Blackadders are also entwined with their servants, all from the Baldrick family line (played by Tony Robinson). Each generation acts as the dogsbody to his respective Blackadder. They decrease in intelligence (and in personal hygiene standards) just as their masters' intellect increases. Each Blackadder and Baldrick are also saddled with the company of a dim-witted aristocrat whose presence Blackadder must somehow tolerate.
    Definately recommend them.

    Haha no worries. Awesome, series 2 is great! Probably the second best after 4. 4 has the greatest ending to any show ever by the way.
    Great band. Demon Days and Plastic Beach are two of my favourite albums ever.

    Which series'? (not familar with netflix so do you order by show, series or something else?)
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