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  • OH SHIT (lulz... had to).

    Can't believe we gotta wait till next freaking summer. But on the plus side, it's going to be an amazing final run of episodes (like there was any doubt)
    Haha I've still got a good 3 or so hours :(

    good HOLY FUCK or "HOLY FUCK that was awful"?
    I've always liked the unpredictable aspect of this show. Walt is such an asshole this season and he is so sure of himself, but he's made some mistakes. Such as outright telling Skyler that he was going to rob that train last week. He doesn't even care about pretty much anything anymore; last night when Mike had the gun to him, he just sat there. He thinks he has things under control, and maybe for now he does, but that will come to a halt soon, and big things will happen.
    Haha I saw the s4 box set at the store I work at and I thought "Why is this still called 'Breaking Bad'? He 'broke bad' a season or two ago." Yeah, I see Mike dying. Something has to happen after the 24 hours is up after the meeting between him, Saul and Hank and Steve. It would be pretty cool if we get a half season of them knowing; Walt vs Hank. Who will win
    I can't wait to see what goes down in these last 2. How do you think they'll end this half season? I'm thinking either a death, or Hank will finally figure out Walt's Heisenberg (or he will become one step closer to finding out)
    Haha I keep trying to come up with my own idea of a plan, but I can't. "Everybody Wins." HOW?! Also Everybody Wins was the title to the 7th episode of the season before it was switched. Yeah, he NEEDS that hat. It's like his signature
    I'm in the Empire Business. I'm loving everything about this season. This episode was just top-notch. Loved Mike's "Fuck you" note. Yeah, I was beginning to worry about Saul, but luckily he was present.

    Do you watch the promos for the next episode(s)? Next week's looks great. "You're Heisenberg." "You're damn right." I heard somewhere (on one of the podcasts maybe?) that the audience "Won't believe" what happens in episodes 5 and 7. 5 was the kid at the end, I wonder what's going to happen next week.
    just watched it. shit. that was good. no real big moments(dinner scene was great though, as was the Grey Matter dialogue) but that ending, as usual, makes me want it to be next week.
    Yeah, I think that was a complaint of some critics/fans during s4. Didn't bother me though. It made for an awesome end to the season with him coming out on top. Yeah, 5 is kinda hard to rank yet, but I mean, I've really enjoyed every episode thus far, and I'm 99 percent sure I'll enjoy the rest of the episodes (unless god forbid they start sucking).

    I've watched 'em all in preparation of s5. The last few weeks or so leading up to the s5 premiere all I did was watch anything relating to Breaking Bad; episodes, those inside things, etc. Yeah, I hope if he does quit they'll still have use for him; Mike's an awesome character
    Haha I finished s3 like a day or so before s4 originally premiered. I watched the last like 8 episodes of the season in a single sitting, something I never do. S4 is my favorite season. It starts off mildly slow but by the end it's addictive as hell. s5 will probably overtake it though eventually. It's a fine season thus far. You?

    Yeah, I hear a lot of things about this season, but I don't know if they mean this run or next. Little of both? Blah. The cold open to the premiere was so fun to watch. You just know so much shit happens. One thing I thought of is Hank is close to catching Walt, but instead he catches Jesse, and Walt somehow gets off scot-free. I dunno... there's way too many things that could happen. According to Aaron Paul on the "Inside Breaking Bad"(don't know if you watch these) for last week's, this week, "Shit hits the fan." So excited haha.
    Haha when I first watched Face Off I was like "HOLY SHIT!" when the bomb went off. Then the ending with the Lily of the Valley... like, damn. It pisses me off though that AMC spoiled the bomb/face thing in promos for the new season because that was such an awesome moment in the show. Unless it was spoiled because of the internet for you?

    I'm thinking someone dies or Hank gets closer to discovering Walt's secret. I read somewhere that according to Vince Gilligan, Walt will do something this season that makes him (Vince) lose all respect; I found it interesting that the main character could do something so bad that the creator of the show would lose all respect for him. I just don't know if that happens in this run of episodes or next year's.
    Last season was the first time for me. It was fun but some weeks were torture, especially near the end, with endings to episodes like Bug, Crawl Space... I'm waiting for another really big ending eventually, if not more than one. Last week's was kinda big but they'll do better. And you just know the ending to episode 8 is going to be some big cliffhanger.
    I bet; I remember when they had a live stream of the season premiere on for Dish people. Yeah, there's no way in hell I'd wait for the DVD... it's hard enough waiting week-after-week
    I don't have television.

    It sucks because it's so damn near impossible to not read spoilers about the most recent episodes, but then I get to watch them 5 or so hours after they air, so it's worth it
    haha of course! I can't watch 'em live but I found a site that uploads them a few hours after they air. I can't wait to see what happens next.
    happy holiday season, Guy.

    really hope you eventually come back here. we miss you
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