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  • it will be hard, because some people probably won't agree with my sort of humor. The plots and humor are similar to Futurama and The Simpsons, so some people here might like it someday. I've already written a bunch of scripts, so it is always nice to be prepared... :)
    anytime, that was really good! did any of that happen, or was it all Marge in a coma?
    i spent the last few minutes reading it, and i was wrong... bravo! that was marvelous, and stupendously funny!
    idk... the subject of religion can be controversial to me. My friend thinks i am dumb because he tries telling me God is not real, the bible was made up by a bunch of old people, etc...
    this may be personal, but do u believe in God? What religion are you? {my friend is atheist and thinks i am dumb for believing in God} If this is 2 personal, u don't have to respond
    i was seriously going to put that the bible was following him, but that didn't seem right to me. That's sorta weird, imo
    not trying to be overly religious, but i dislike jokes about the bible. Again, I'm not saying that to be mean {that's a little funny, i can imagine him saying that} but i just don't care for jokes like that usually.
    i don't do a lot of parodies in my show, and if i do, i know what i am parodying, so i probably won't do Indiana Jones. {BTW, how do u make that about Homer and Lisa?} :D
    honestly, i've never even seen Indiana Jones. So it still does sound interesting actually lol
    if you wanna be technical, my cartoon is a loose ripoff of Futurama {there is a robot, a boy teenager, and a senile professor}
    it is. In my pilot, i only introduced 2 main characters. {well, there are only 5 or so, so it is hard to come up with ideas} If you don't mind my asking, what was your show about?
    no, but i have written scripts for my own cartoon series. Awhile back i had about 300 episode ideas on my old computer.
    Whoa whoa whoa, calm down ;)

    I have nothing against it personally, i just don't find it the best episode ever. I'd give it a D-/C+. And i always do this, i hate Make Room For Lisa more then LBM.
    i have 921! {i have said this countless times, this has made me quite popular/infamous}. Tomorrow i plan on being over 1,000, and then i will slow down a bit. Plus, my trivial thread has helped me quite a bit
    I figured that was your favorite. Mine is The Springfield Files, Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind {i like them both equally} and my least favorite is Little Big Mom
    i've been watching for about 7 or 8 years. What is your favorite {if it is your name, forget it!} episode, and what is your least favorite?
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