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  • i just realized, how come u like my first parody of Chucky, but u hated "Bride of Gabbo??"
    Check out my season 7 in Itchy and Scratchy studios!! {i want to see if it is better then season 6}
    i deleted some, that was also a problem, so yea, it is set.

    o and season6 is almost done!!
    yea i did like the set up! I tried sending you something back, but my computer wasn't working. Isn't it a little OOC of Bart t say that about movies? Like, wouldn't he like movies?

    Season 5 well be up soon!
    why didn't u like Lincoln? {not that u automatically have to just wondering} And you are a nice member, you make me feel like my episodes are really great!
    crazy is my specialty! {don't know if that is good or not!}

    And my goal for the Cletus episode was it have it be similar to "Old Money" where Grampa can't decide what to do with Bea's money.
    k unless it is not about that. I saw your grades for my season 3, and i was surprised. You seem really nice! Why didn't u like "Cletus" episode much? {did it remind you of a certain episode cause that was what i was going for}
    sweet! {how do we do that exactly, pardon my ignorance, but i have never worked with a partner}
    HELL YEA!!! I'd gladly write one with you!

    Oh, and my season 3 is almost done!!
    one of MY cartoon scripts? i don't know if i want people critiquing that JUST yet...
    hey! that "Robot Society," i just made that up in school! We do this thing the last month of school where we pick classes, and i picked one where we do satire on stuff, and we had to do a fake, funny news cast, and that was my thing! Robot Society!
    you don't know George Lopez??!? :)

    It's a show on at night, about a comedian {George Lopez} who is married to a girl named Angie, has a son named Max and daughter named Carmen, and a mom named Benny who treats him bad with insults a lot. And he has a single fat friend named Ernie. My description doesn't sound so funny, but the show is really good!
    i hated it the first time it aired, but i was partially sick... i think i'll watch it later :)
    actually, i just checked this one website, and apparently "No Loan Again" is on. Again, i've seen it, but should i see it again?
    Fathers Knows Worst is repeating here at 8... i don't know if i should watch it again or not... what do u think?
    i kinda liked Million Dollar Abie, i found it slightly humorous at times... Homer and Ned's Haily mary Pass wasn't very good
    oh u live in Brazil, i didn't know that. are you guys done with season 20?
    i can't wait until season 12 is out, because i haven't seen New Kids on the Blecch forever!
    i take it u don't like Tim Long? I don't remember many writers, so i don't know which ones he has written.
    do you want to work On the simpsons, or on a show like the Simpsons? {if i worked on this show i would be the happiest person EVER}. Either way, you always have a chance. What kind of TV show writer, what genre?
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