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  • Noiseland lounge was good for 100 quality posts of Green Man. :)

    And ok, I get your point of view, but still...
    For some people, it was a nice place to talk about their random daily activities.
    There are of course other/better places to do this kind of stuff,
    but you can't deny it created a community-feel for a certain group of people, myself included.
    Because of your neverending enthusiasm about "Arrested Development", I decided to buy the first season on DVD. (My country never aired the show as far as I know)
    I just saw the first two episodes and I am indeed pleasantly surprised.
    So I have to represent Brazil at a Model UN this weekend

    What problems do you guys have with terrorism?
    i just finished season 1, it was a very good viewing

    i suggest you continue with it, if you liked the starting episodes
    I didn't want to do the trip this year (too busy day-job for the moment), but maybe in the near future.
    It always occurred to me as a fascinating event.
    You have to know, in Europe carnivale is quite boring and childish. (except for Venice)
    Yo, Green Man. Always wanted to go to Rio for the flamboyant carnivale.
    What d'you say? Is it worth it?
    sorry I got all defensive in that thread, I been at the hospital for like 2-3 hours and just got back, so I'm real tired
    Hi Green Man, the Best of 1995 Elimination Thread is finished, Who Shot Mr. Burns ? (Part One) is the winner. ;)
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