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  • thanks for the informative response.

    it's pretty good. i just finished season 1 a while ago (another question, why was s1 only 5 episodes?). my plan is to return it tomorrow, and hopefully get the next disc saturday or so (like i said, it's going to be at least a month, if not longer, to get all the discs). it's good. i really liked The Robbery and The Stock Tip. it wasn't great, but it was watchable. i assume, like most shows, it gets better as it goes on?
    hey, does jerry do stand-up performances only during the earlier episodes, or did he do them throughout the later seasons to? I finally started watching Seinfeld, thanks to netflix (which kind of sucks because i only get one disc at a time, so i figure it's going to take me at least a month or two to finish the whole series :/), and the earlier episodes have jerry doing stand up (which i knew they did). but i don't recall seeing any in the later episodes i watched. when do these stop? early on or are they a staple of the earlier seasons, but become less frequent later on?
    i like Scott Tenorman a lot, as well as Up The Down Steroid.. it's kinda hard for me to pick a favorite.
    sweet, i'm going to try watching it sometime.

    i agree. got a favorite episode?
    cool. i started SP a few months ago. pretty good show.

    i've been meaning to start Breaking Bad. is it as good as people say?
    ah. personally i find it really good.

    what other kinds of shows do you watch
    ok, beginning it is. i'm only asking because as you know, i watched a couple random episodes a while ago (the bubble boy and the cheever letters i believe were the two).

    i started watching Dexter (still need to watch season 5). that's the only good show i've started haha.
    nothing much granto. been watching some new tv shows and been posting, as usual haha. how have you been?

    btw, i'm gonna start getting into Seinfeld (or at least, watching; but i probably will like it), and i may have asked you before, but should i start from the beginning? my friend told me to start from the beginning
    No new visitor messages for Granto?
    howdy grant. just wanted to stop by and wish you well but i also would like to let you know my laptop just up and killed self, probably for good, and I don't remember my password at the good ship Shaq. soooooo see u around
    Haha you're one of maybe four people on the board who I knew would appreciate it.
    I don't have much to say anywhere anymore. I feel like I'm just reposting something that I've already said when I post nowadays.

    And yeah, I think Darren.Erg is gunna continue that for me. I'm busy with life and stuff.
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