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  • Exactly. I enjoy the copyright thing on mine. I'm pretty sure he just searched through some posts for the spaghetti and Tuesdays thing because I vaguely remember rants about those. Unless I've just completely missed the reference.
    I have a few friends in that situation. Hope you find something soon!

    And... Okay. I'm probably overly lenient because I don't trust my own judgement and spam isn't fun but meh. There are perks. Like knowing when Granto (and billoakley!) is haunting us.
    hey dude, i saw dumb & dumber for the first time recently, it was ok

    also hope you had a good b-day, I hope you're well! :)
    whenever i read posts from people here, it seems the only aspect of the show that gets any criticism is the finale, and the final season as a whole, that's why i keep asking about it. i guess i'll just have to see it to know why people dislike it more than others
    I'll be sure to let you know what i think when i get more into the series.

    I googled it out of curiosity and there are some who say it is true and others say it isn't (superman). how was the final episode? was it a 'good' finale or was it below-average?
    is it true there's a superman reference/sighting in every episode? or is that just a rumor?

    is s9 the only 'bad' season, or is say, s8 also bad (or any other season)?

    is s4 your favorite in terms of humor and plot, or just plot?

    yea, i've only seen 3 or so episodes (soup nazi, bubble boy, cheever letters), so i'm excited about catching every episode. i've heard nothing but great things about the show
    i see. i can't wait to see the rest of the series. i have no idea why i waited so long to start watching this show. i may have asked you this before, but what is your favorite season?
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