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  • Hey welcome back! Sorry for not replying last night, I just left my computer running for like an hour after I was done with it and then just shut down without checking anything. So, did you finally get ungrounded?
    me and my best friend were trying to come up with our own show that was, in our own words, "Funnier than Simpsons and Family Guy" haha. i think we're done with this mission...
    i hope to do something tv related, i.e. actor, writer, producer, or something
    yea the kidnapping sounds terrible, and i'm sorry about your friend.

    yea, it's weird though, i only got two years of high school left...
    i'll be damned, my "bye bye" thread wasn't that hip :(
    nah, frankly i was expecting something like that, my attitude here was totally retarded, shouldn't have read back :rolleyes:
    so ugh, no colorful "holy shit it's ME" thread this time, if someone shows up here in my profile you'll know i'm back, and if you don't no big loss
    holy crap... the kidnapping sounds terrible, you hate one of your friends? that sucks. and the canada...weird, by tests, do you mean school? or something else?

    i've been pretty good, i've been on summer break since june 4, it's been boring somedays but other days i have been hanging out with some friends and stuff
    i can delete you if you want... of course, then we can't chat because my profile is set so only those i am friends with i can talk to.

    so i take it you're not grounded anymore?
    springfield files? nah, I'm S. Bubbles, some bloke who joined last year, yet has almost 12,000 posts ^_^
    Goon gone?

    Yeah that's probably it. And yes cinco is a dude. I made a post a while back (several days) alluding to cinco and Bellas relationship being the ultimate lesbian fantasy since they were both probably dudes (bearing in mind I had no evidence that wasn't circumstantial). I guess that convinced him to confess.
    Tired and cranky.
    I don't know if it's because there's a new Simpsons on in a few hours or because the entire thread went thermonuclear again.
    Still thinking about your future role in the story, becoming all cyborg and stuff.
    And also searching for a fitting backstory considering you meeting Bella.
    Well, I did come first in English out of my whole year, so maybe that is why I seem to not be so retarded. ;)
    I don't know

    I mean, she did become my favorite character overnight, but I think she will last as my favorite for awhile.
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