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  • Are you a Breaking Bad fan? Because I just noticed your usertitle and it immediately made me think of BB. lol
    your little title thing drives me insane because i see it out of the corner of my eye and i'm like "whoa that's my name"
    lol jk not a big deal
    asalaam alikum, my brother!

    Yeah, I'm really annoyed. Luckily my Dad has been saving and my parents will probably help me out and stuff but some of my friends look like they aren't going to be-able to go. My parents are also gunna have to help pay for both my brother and my sister within a year. Awful. Some of the violence is obviously not excusable but it is completely understandable. Even if I wasn't being selfish about it, it's gunna cause a huge brain drain from this country. Why should people pay more to go to university in this country when they can get it cheaper abroad? I would have tried to make one of the protests but I didn't really have time and they aren't really close enough. And yeah, the Lib Dems are a joke. All this talk about the protests being undemocratic and stuff but the Lib Dems promised to vote against ANY rise in tuition fees and they may have got votes because of this but when they get in to power, they change their mind. Screw them. Not happy.
    nope, I didn't actually realise it was today. I might've been down there if I had though. funnily enough, I actually spent the entire day doing coursework.
    cheers gonz. maybe I would've made some depressing late thread but I got plenty of board responses on fb. the board itself didn't even wish me a happy birthday until 5am this morning.

    p.s. we should probably meet up at some point. I kinda like the idea of it being a chance meeting though.
    wish i knew son, i think someone else posted it randomly. someone needs to make a "the wire" gif tumblr
    fun fact: the strip is actually technically not in las vegas, but in a subsidiary of clark county called paradise. surrounding it is the actual city of las vegas (which is mostly made up of the downtown area/ghetto nicknamed north las vegas) and two suburbs that are only a ten minute drive each way from the strip: henderson (where I live) and summerlin.

    henderson is actually very very clean, nice, pretty and boasts an extremely low crime rate. it's like suburbia with some hotel/casinos in the middle, in fact we barely ever go onto the strip unless relatives are in town.

    I'm just happy you didn't ask if I lived in a hotel.
    yeah man for sure. he's the most entertaining part of argentina's matches. there should be a camera on maradona at all times
    where did you get your profile pic? I suspect it's from the same site where Jimbo got his
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