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    curtains is probably one of his worst, but def. most accessable. you should check out "to record only water for ten days" next or "shadows collide with people". his style changed every record so its amazing

    and yeah im stoked about his new record. my most anticipated record of all time pretty much. i know hes a huge smiths/modest mouse fan so the collab with marr should be interesting

    and yeah the wu tang album he was on, but the record as a whole was a bit shit minus a few tracks, the best track was the heart gently weeps though, he plays the lead guitar. he has a few other tracks with rza, etc out as well
    i read some recent thread where you defended frusciantes singing. good work bro. respect

    what have you heard by him? all his stuff is amazing
    gheorghe, i was given the opportunity for a halloween costume that i couldn't pass up

    7 the waldo that you are
    How in the world did you get that 8 Ball Champion score??? It's hard enough for me trying to get 9000+ twice in a row when somehow I keep sinking the cue ball on the break.
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