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  • I also hugged a bear. He then tossed me aside for the more attractive, thin, gay guy that was on the other side of me. The prick. :D

    ...did you really hug a for real bear for real?
    I love that show. I have all seasons but the most recent one has been released on DVD. Watching "That Mitchell and Webb Look," I only see Mark and Jeremy.
    my sister was in ireland for the past six months. i told her to go visit my friend gheorghe, but she said no. pfffftt
    i sent my list last night. i took ages to write it and looking at it now i kind of don't like it. i included 'to record only water' and the first ataxia record. niandra lades is my fav tho
    you still like frusciante? if so nice work
    cool. what courses are you taking right now?

    pretty sure danno majored in political science too, and maybe someone else here ...
    i dunno. last time i was logged out there was some faux splash page about an upcoming recipe site...oh, hahaha. no, i hadn't seen their new front yet! nice. not really all that wiki-ish when you're actually logged in, come to think of it. not sure why i said that. the interface HAS changed, though
    yeah, they did that a few months ago. it's pretty useless and just another half-assed attempt by a website to wiki themselves up. when was the last time you logged in? i know they often purge users for inactivity or for poor ratios. i wish i had an extra invite to give you but my own ratio has been struggling so they haven't given me any
    how'd you do in the poker tourny? I made $25 today :) It still feels like play money cos it's $ and not £ though
    you're like seven years younger than me or something, but you're my go to guy for advice

    just a double post. yeah those guys can be assholes, especially the "new wave" of shits like manvstrees, too young for love, and sway the jury. not exactly the best board right now

    yep that's me. i'm pretty good e-friends with badhat. aim buddies and whatnot, so for the past few years i haven't been very active over there but if i want to be i just chat with him

    it's actually, believe it or not, my first account on the current incarnation of hpn
    probs the will to death. it's the most similar to shadows of his other 04/05 recordings. after that, go for inside of emptiness, it's his heaviest/most rocking album. my personal fave is to record water over ten days which is a low-fi-ish synth pop record so I don't know how much up your alley that is, but be sure to check it out.
    i like esoteric quite a bit. only one i recognize, the others are probably local bands. it seems like it'd be a cool show though dude
    Hey! Fuck social networking, at least until I´m releasing a new cd. My time management is incredibly chaotic, so I´m mostly mobile phoney. Pm´s here ftw. Sorry for the belatedment, I must´ve read the message completely
    recommend me some good pixies song, i know allison, here comes your man, hey and vamos so far but not sure if some of their greatest hits from mutilation album would suit me
    i don't like the starlight mints all that much, actually. just think it's a cool album cover.

    i really can't remember the last time i listened to that album. and they only have 27 plays according to my last.fm
    hahaa wow, good memory gheorge. i've been good, lurking as always. how ya been?
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