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  • yeah. only just started listening to them recently (well recentlyish. just before the avatar). but one of my favourite albums atm.
    ha no im not actually going to be lecturing yet at least; its a mlitt postgrad course, there's just workshops/seminars/tutoring. id love to be giving straight lit lectures but they dont have any need for anyone else in that dept at the moment (of my lowly standard anyway). but they need more people to teach their creative writing course because its very financially lucrative (which is all the more impressive given that it doesnt really teach people anything). my mlitt isnt even in creative writing, but i can write and spout the required bollocks (i hope) and give people advice and look interested. and its at glasgow uni

    part of this message will probably get edited out once youve read it, for obvious reasons
    im in music "promotion" (i book shows/art at 2-3 (occasionally 4) venues around the city...its interesting for about a week, ive been doing it now for almost three years). in september i will start teaching the pile of shite that is postgrad creative writing (for some reason)

    outlets for my hyperbole are a work in progress

    i actually like in rainbows a lot more than i did when i first heard it, when the description "underwhelmed" would be a serious understatement. bodysnatchers is ass but the rest is great (i adore 15 step, which actually made me say "oh fuck this" and turn it off the first time i heard it). i have never got into the bonus disc though, though i havent listened to it in ages either. bangers and mash is terrible

    oh and i dont know what solo lotus flower yer spinning but the one from 2010-04-14 has a fratboy "WHOOOOOO" after the second chorus which works very well and is recommended
    sorry forgot we wis talkin

    post-okc radiohead songs i think are often made great by the instrumentation & vocals subtly being set against one another. or at least, they don't appear to be in exactly the same frame in mind (whereas in a coldplay or u2 song everything is all pointing in the same boring milquetoast direction). the percussion in reckoner, mccoy tyner piano in pyramid, everything in morning bell, everything in packt sardines, the percussion in videotape, etc. the only sign of that in codex is the parts i mentioned, the rest is all pretty straightahead. as is lotus flower. the tracks i mentioned i liked have mroe of that vocal-instrumentation antagonism thing

    but lotus flower...ok. i hadnt heard any of the thom solo versions (i try to avoid doing the thing of hearing radiohead songs years before they appear on albums). but yeah. thats pretty special. and the king of limbs arrangement sucks the life out of what, i can see, is actually a completely wonderful song
    theres a fine line between echoing/recalling previous work and just rehashing it though. and its not like this is the first time radiohead have threatened to cross it

    generaly, like in rainbows, it doesnt really feel like they're trying very hard. the second time in codex that violin/falsetto appears at about 2.15 in a weird harmony is amazing and something that coldplay would never ever do. as is the orchestral bit at the end. but like a lot of post-amnesiac radiohead songs (we suck young blood, nude, all i need) i find myself wishing they applied their experimental tendencies to the entire song rather than just using them as a way to decorate the in-between bits of pretty ordinary songs that feel like they've been written and recorded from scratch in a few hours

    oh, and to expand: all the radiohead songs little by little sounds furthest away from sound like codex
    codex and lotus flower arent bad but to go along with your/our/my theme, they would be easily the best coldplay songs ever, but its hard to get too excited about that
    haha thanks. though i was hoping it was going to be me saying little by little sounded equidistant from every radiohead song ever , which i think was pretty neat
    hahahaha about to leave but i'll do it when i get back home

    i dont have any pics really anyway i seldom keep pics on there. deargodihatemyself

    im also super pumped to hear what tyler does with the neptunes. obsessed with both those guys lately
    hahaha ahhh man thats funny

    your not missing much anyway but yea i'll change it around to normal soon when i remember
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    so whats up man? how good is yonkers on piano

    and to continue the trend of being a *** about it i've purposely put you on some of the most fucked up privacy restrictions. ENJOY

    but your not missing out on much anyway. just fuckin with ya gorkie
    oh i meant tyler tweeted something about how 'this n****' wanted him to do a remix. this was a post or so after he was talking about bieber adding him. so im assuming hes gonna do a bieber remix or something. just the idea of this is so good
    oh damn. either way, link us to the interview whenever its done. watching ofwgkta blow up is awesome. i imagine its similar to what the gen. before us witnessed when the WU WAS COMIN THRU. plus this bieber remix shit is just too good
    hahaha. the one where bieber has his hand on tylers shoulder is also great. also when are you interviewing him? you gotta post the audio up for us
    best av ever in history of board
    nah, we usually come in about two thirds of the way down, we're usually the youngest there by like ten years. 9th of 14 this week, i think.
    i dunno if anyone else got it wrong because they don't say. but my girlfriend and i were the only ones who knew it on our team (of four). no mixed nuts were thrown but they should've been.
    pub quiz question tonight: trinity college is based in which capital city? thanks for your help.
    classic vid! my friend filmed that. he played a cover of the germs acoustically at that same show

    you heard his cover of lucky? also dope.
    rick rubin is responsible for everything thats shit about them. he pretty much forced them to use those song structures. which are essentially the same on every song. even in interviews from that time john has stated that he thinks verse-chorus-verse etc chorus' are boring as fuck. apparently their new tracks have a strong african/afrobeat vibe to them so im looking forward to this. josh and flea both play synths on it too
    i listened to it for the first time in ages too. the mixing and stuff is boring but the actual production that john did is insane. especially all those guitar sounds. 'especially in michigan' check how the guitars are coming in every direction possible. theres this vid where he talks about dani california production for 20 minutes, its probably the most interesting vid evr
    did you listen to that kenan bell
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