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  • "Dear friends, would those of you who know what this is all about please raise your hands? I think if God is dead he laughed himself to death. Because, you see, we live in Eden. Genesis has got it all wrong. We never left the Garden. Look about you. This is paradise. It's hard to find, I, I'll grant you, but it is here. Under our feet, beneath the surface, all around us is everything we want. The earth is shining under the soot. We are all fools. Ha ha. Moriarty has made fools of all of us. But together, you and I, tonight... we'll bring him down." - Justin Playfair, "They Might Be Giants"

    Oh you meant the BAND, not the movie, right? I agree!
    i was drunk so i can't really speak for that post accurately but i meant like members that just pop up out of nowhere with tastes in music similar to the board without the getting that taste of music.. from the board like a lot of us did

    like the real melvin or that guy. also i don't really think i meant a "good" taste in music, more like a taste in music similar to the board's (like i said)

    or something
    NHC's resident Starman, eh? You wish. I'm the only NHC resident Starman around here.
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