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  • I'm curious about these gator smileys, because they were on the NHC when I joined, but you make your own apparently. Did some staff add some smileys you made to the site, or did you come up with the gator persona based on the smileys? Cause I found it odd how you're a gator and there's a set of smileys that perfectly fits you.
    oh haha I get it. you pretend to be a mascot hired by eric. pretty funny stuff man.
    how'd you get to traveling round the world!

    do you actually have one place you call home!

    what non-simps TV shows do you watch!

    who are your favorite musicians!

    what are your thoughts on all the various foods we discuss on here!

    alas, we may never know :confusedgatorsmileything:
    I mean I don't hate either of you. but it's kinda exhausting to try to talk to someone and get bizarre schtick posts in response
    But snapping back didnt make me feel better. I felt I regained some of my lost pride back,.. but I tossed & turned at night for days, unable to sleep well. The Missus was furious with me! .. but, but, honey! people on the internet were mean to me! "UGH! .. Go sleep on the couch".. she said.. and here I still am... I've forgotten what it is i was upset over? no mind, its in the past. ZzzZzzz!
    Why should you apologize to me? be proud of what you do! this is the internet!

    I had a lovely pet post that I and a few others were grooving on, then a pack of dogs found it and shook it till it was dead.. when I threw a rock at them to disperse.. bark bark! They could easily look at what they did and still howl that they, and only they, had the right to hurt feelings.?? what gall!. how thoughtless!.
    I don't want to be mad at you, holding grudges is not as fun as it looks. Can't you just apologize to me for your hurtful comments and we'll let all this commotion be over?
    Ouch. That sounds like... well it sounds like it has the potential to be pretty bad. Can you calibrate the touchscreen at all?
    haha, when i called you "our gator weirdo", i meant it in a good way! it means you're unique. so no worries
    Happy birthday, Gatorgod! I’d like to congratulate you properly, but I seriously have no idea how. Anyway I hope the party has already started, huh? ;-)
    All hail the mighty Gatorgod!
    Yeah. In a way I regret that argument last night, but in another way I don't, because it made the R&R more active and livelier than most this season.
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