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  • you've almost gone a whole month without posting.

    :some sort of super angry emoticon:
    yeah, if you were to ask me what i thought of the cure i'd say "i fucking love them!" because i absolutely adore the 20 or so songs of theirs that i like (and most of those are singles), but otherwise i find it hard to click with them. oh, well. gator shrug!
    why is it so hard for me to like anything by the cure that's not a single? i'm such a failure.
    depends, are you still using a lawn mower chain to turn on your current cpu

    anyway, happy new year if i don't talk to you
    yes, yes you should

    if only so i can harass you whenever i so please

    and send you pictures of my giant shlong
    dear daniel fritz,

    you're the best. i love it when we take over a thread with our ridiculousness. i also love talking to you on the phone. i'll have to call you again soon.

    sincerely, santamac
    actually he's dead

    and you're a ten year old in an adult's body that works for a toy company? this is your busiest time of year man, what the fuck are you doing on the internet?


    do that thing with the giant keyboard
    that's what she said

    or...wait, no...that doesn't make any sense

    i can't believe the bitch said that to me. we're through.
    i loved everything about it -- even the afterward by capote's attorney that explained how much he deliberated over whether or not to publish it. the most tragic part being his account of his final meeting with capote, who was aware then that he was drinking himself to death. next to maybe howard hughes and bob dylan, truman capote, as a historical figure, interests me more than any other 20th century american.

    yeah, harriet andersson delivers an amazing performance in summer with monika, topped only by cries and whispers. i prefer this performance though, since she's not on her deathbed gasping for air in every scene. i also have a huge crush on her character in this movie.

    planned to read the first chapter of summer crossing before going to bed tonight, but, as i have a bad habit doing, i couldn't put it down and now it's nearly 4 a.m.

    huge thumbs up, and i agree that it's one of capote's best. you have yet to fail me as my go-to-literary-guy.

    i've over-hyped the film on the board to the extent that it's bound to be a letdown if people watch, but i have to recommend bergman's summer with monika again because it compliments this story perfectly. the wit and analysis of class distinctions aren't on par, but the raw, unsentimental tale of teenage love make if feel like it's a movie adaptation of crossing. more shallow comparisons are present: secret love, beaches, summer, and a couple of other things i'll leave out because they'd spoil it.
    have you heard emily jane whites new album "victorian america". i know you dig "dark undercoat" (as do i). havent given the new album all that fair a listen yet but its pretty nice
    hahaha. intellectual accounts of anal sex.

    i actually had an uncomfortable experience i blame on roth too. i read portnoy's complaint in 9th or 10th grade -- not assigned in any class (went to a christian high school), but because i saw it on a list of most frequently banned books. when my dad saw me reading it, he couldn't shut up about how much he had loved that book and how he had read it multiple times. i then couldn't stop picturing portnoy as him (his features actually fall in line with roth's descriptions) and this was pretty traumatic . no one wants to think of their dad as a lapper of cunt.
    i'd share some shit of mine but i haven't recorded anything.. ever. i don't even have a shitty mic. the only stuff i have is electronic/hiphop type stuff which i'm way to insecure to post online
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