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  • seriously. i'd like to knock them off their high horse of being the 250th most prestigious student law review journal for students who couldn't get onto their school's law journal. i'm setting my sights high, as always.

    read your book today at the beach today ... really dug it. more detailed comments when sober. struggling to get into absalom absalom!
    aforementioned article was rejected. mainly because my most cited source was a case that was overturned 30 years ago ... i'm really bad at this whole research thing.

    letter was rude as fuck for a publication that probably has fifty subscribers, all of them universities that just throw them in some dark periodical corner of the basement floor of a library.
    and don't think i didn't have an ulterior motive. i submitted an article on the problem of unpunished violations of the aba rule 3.6 trial publicity caveat concerning online media (and the subsequent need to update the model rule) and restatement §109(a) to the southern university law review. i expect this to be as highly anticipated. it's ten pages of pure fun concerning violations of antiquated civil procedure codes.

    if there existed a gator wink icon, i would use it now.
    haha, i understand. i also vaguely remember sending you a message on facebook shortly before/during the time i blacked out. too embarrassed to read it or the response right now, but i'll get around to it eventually -- probably later tonight when i've had too much to drink. i need to lock my computer after a certain number of drinks.
    i took my bi-daily benzos today and for some reason my mom gave me one of her stronger ones

    so high
    you stopped browsing off topic as soon as i bumped ik for you

    sorry for the boardstalk

    actually i'm not sorry, fuck you
    I listened to a galas album beyondbeyond upped once and I didn't like it much. hmm.

    worth giving her another chance if I didn't like this one?
    eye opener studio version is probably the most beautiful song

    i can't even understand what josh says half the time but i don't care. his vox style is so unqiue, like, especially live, he does this awesome slurred words thing
    agreed. have u got the studios of eye opener and order/disorder? theres also another song 'neon arrow' which is impossible to play live but i got a shitty myspace rip of it. its bangin
    not bad

    I only have their debut which is pretty cool. I assume their catalogue becomes quite a lot different.
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