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    fritz get 'sphere in the heart of silence' if you haven't already

    You know, season 8 had it's ups and downs, but boy is it fun to look forward to a new Buffy story every month (or a new chapter of a story.) And the final issue of season 8 is supposed to be beautiful (it's just Buffy having conversations with all the characters -- something the comic has been missing has been more dialogue and the characters hanging out.) I am kind of looking forward to it, like, a whole lot. And yeah, the last issue was action packed and shocking and tragic...It was honestly up there with a lot of the great Buffy finales! And season 9 is supposed to be crazy. It's not just that you-know-who died...THERE'S NO MORE MAGIC on Earth. Demons, witches, the slayer line, any new vampires being's all gone. No more supernatural.
    yup. can barely even understand the words yet its the best ever
    some reason i was hoping it would be something like 'hey cowboy'. gallo and polly's voice in duet is the nicest thing ever
    Hey, I didn't know you'd gotten around to reading some of my book! I'm beyond touched and flattered by your post, dude :heart: It is my goal that I get to publish my book and show it to at least a tiny percentage of people and that they would enjoy it.
    i'm supposed to go back to school in two weeks but that's dependent on my grandpa cosigning a private loan to pay off an old balance that shouldn't be there anyway due to me not "accepting" a state grant on time. yay taking care of things at the last minute!

    been watching six feet under and peep show the end of season two with former and begininng of series 3 with latter

    downloading habits are the same. not as diverse as you but i still listen to a lot

    still with the parents at 23, but my justification for that at this point is referring to how that sort of thing is status quo in western europe anyway

    so, pretty ok i guess. pretty serious about going out to SD/LA in december btw. we should find a show to go to or something
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