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  • Was it a friendly?

    And that was embarassing to watch. Honduras' pace means that they're literally walking past us. What the fuck?

    I hope they smash us so that incompetant twat Hart gets sacked.
    We could have a decent squad for CONCACAF standards but:

    1) Our good players don't want to play for us!
    2) The CSA is a joke
    3) No manager of any quality would want to manage here. Stephen Hart isn't good enough for such a job!

    We play Honduras tomorrow away in a crutial match. All we need is to draw and we're through to the last qualifying phase...but I'm afraid we won't!
    You may or may not have heard about these Canadian players that currently play for us:

    Lars Hirschfeld. 'Played' for Spurs and Leicester.
    David Edgar. Burnley centre-back.
    Terry Dunfield. Was at Shrewsbury a few years ago. Now at Toronto
    Simeon Jackson. Norwich striker
    Iain Hume. Doncaster forward. Ex-Leicester City I think?
    Marcus Haber. Stevenage forward
    Josh Simpson. Ex-Millwall midfielder, now at Young Boys.

    Patrice Bernier plays for my local club. We also have Atiba Hutchinson who plays for PSV Eindhoven, Michael Klukowski who's at APOEL and Olivier Occean at Frankfurt. Dwayne de Rosario is probably our 'biggest' name but you probably don't know who he is!

    We also have David Hoilett and Jonathan de Guzman, but they're being ignorant and shunning us right now! ;)
    God no. We're shite!

    It would be stunning to reach the World Cup. Only the second time in our pathetic football history and it would be a nice change to support someone during the tourney!

    We'd probably be the worst team in the cup, but it would be a ride!
    Canada defeated Cuba in a very strange match-up:

    -Cuba only had eleven players. No subs whatsoever.
    -Two of those eleven players were injured!

    And obviously we could only win 3-0. We're 2nd in our group with a game left. We're away to Honduras this mid-week and should we avoid defeat, then we're moving on to the last qualifying stage with Panama!

    We'll probably lose mind. Our manager is useless and we can't win away! If we do make it through, then we'll need to finish in the top 3 to automaticially qualify for the World Cup, or finish 4th to face the Oceania winners in a play-off round.
    Thats kinda like me and the fff. Hahaha

    Thats good to hear. It's always nice having you around.
    Just busy with school mostly. Havent been on the fff so much as of lately and i've gotten addicted to this place. Haha
    So how far are you with the Looney Tunes and which ones did you like the most?

    Also, listen to the audiocomms in which John K. is featured. They are great.
    why have I not been informed of this amazingness?

    All I can say about your perma modship is...

    Yes. Just plain 100% yes.
    Haahah, you lucky fuck. I've got today to rush doing all of my wasted summer plans and try and have fun that isn't laying around watching TV. But good luck at University when ya get there.
    Things are swell. I've been good. Goin' back to skool tomorrow. What about you, how are you doing?
    I hope you enjoy your donut.

    So how can you lead the counter-organisation known as GY when you are part of the system at the NHC now?
    Haha, now you're green. How ironic if you think back and recall the whole peaceparody-stuff.
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