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  • You are a good writer, hammster.

    If you want to write a part from the thermonuclear spinoff, just say it...
    Those features are still present, just press the little buttons where they used to be.
    Still at work, but that's gonna change within 15 minutes.
    I'm planning to develop your character in the story, giving you a more prominent role, but I'm still thinking how.
    Bella and Guy Haines also wrote pieces of it.
    It's a continuing story about the forum-members and the secret stuff that is happening behind the scenes of the NHC.
    Already read my thermonuclear story/spinoff?
    I introduced you recently, but you're just floating in the Gatorpod for the moment.
    Oh hammster, why did you die in the animation quiz?

    She knows you. That's a good start.
    Have to go now.
    Say Bella hello if you speak to her later on.
    Yeah, I visited the profile page of Asha to say "welcome".
    But NHC can be a bit scary when you're new because of the heavy reactions sometimes.
    Hey, nothing more exciting than sitting in pubs studying till you drop to catch on the whole stuff from one semester.
    Scattered throughout the year? Pfff.... constant tension.
    That's why Bella's always studying !
    Ah, didn't I mention it nowhere? I should hear it a few times to actually give a proper judgement, but after a first listening I'd say it's okay.
    Yeah, it looks good. I'm still trying to remember the characters, there's alot of them. But i guess that's the appeal, the general idea of the show, right?

    Anyway, i'm still checking it out, so i'll get back to you when i'm finished.
    you could always do writing in your spare time, whilst you're doing a computer science-related job

    many famous writers started as teachers or doing ordinary jobs before they wrote their first novels/screenplays
    well i wish you very good luck on your geography oral and upcoming coursework. :)

    so which year group are you in? i probably asked you this before, but I can't remember.
    only 15 more exams to go!

    and 2 pieces of coursework, 1 is due for this thursday

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