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  • hey mate, remember when we actually posted on this board?
    my god what were we on!?
    hey hamm, where should i start with orwell? i own both animal farm and down and out in paris and london. down and out seems like an obvious one since its his first book, but animal farm is one of his essentials. help me out.
    hey, could you change the album discussion thread title to "Album Discussion Thread [Finished]" and LOCK it and un-sticky it too.

    thanks very much. and the media discussion section is now all yours! i look forward to your thread's future...
    The usual really, looking for work and being otherwise lazy. Thinking about going back to where I did work experience as a volunteer though.
    Where have you been volunteering? It is pretty knackering yeah but there's also the feeling good about yourself glow so I guess it balances out?
    Can I request a temporary ban? I think I need to be away from this forum for awhile. I caused some drama in one I&S Land thread.
    Was my thread closed because the episode hasn't aired yet or because something went wrong?
    it looks christmassy with the reference to food
    if you keep a simps ref username, i will be forced to bring back my hutz av
    don't make me do it!!!
    ya really need to get rid of that christmas name mate
    unless i become steamed hutz
    the lack of uniformity between our names is driving me bonkers and is affecting our blue mod camaraderie
    Hey hamm, i asked you a couple of months ago to close the weekly episode club thread in the general discussion but you never did it so i ask you again if you could close the weekly episode club thread as the interest for the weekly episode club has pretty much died down for now.
    if my job was changed to watching the new SW international trailer over and over and over for eternity... yea I could do that
    blankin at the moment but i can cobble together a few things when i get home. honestly I've slipped this year too and actually got some recs from svt so he'd definitely be able to help, or i can also just fwd his lists to you along my recs.
    hey dude, sorry if calling you a female offended you because I wasn't trying to, I was just making a call back to that TC session.
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